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Get On The Pelvic Health Bandwagon

This October, Spirit Health Group will be holding its Pelvic Health Conference in Chicago. If you work in women's health and live in the Midwest, this is a…


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The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is a Good Thing

It seems that whenever something good springs up out of the ether, the naysayers and pundits do their best to put it down. This has certainly been the case with the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Click here and…


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Mobile Website for Physicians

medical mobile website design You have just created your medical website, and are waiting for the traffic statistics. The next day, all you see people accessing a website from a smartphone, reading intently. Your website traffic stays at the same level. Smartphones are being bought faster than junk food, and visitors accessing mobile version of websites is unexpectedly high. The content on the two versions may be similar, but is slightly modified for the smartphones.

The digital audience has its own…


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Dentist Marketing Plan for Your Practice

A cosmetic dentist should first identify their strengths and weaknesses. Your patient comes to you for reason. The dental practice provides relief. Dentists may have experience in veneer or enhancing a smile. The patients visit them for their reputation. The weaknesses are disadvantages due to which the patient may avoid a visit. The location of clinic may be a problem or there may be a long waiting time.

Dentist marketing is also about finding opportunities. You can hold insurance…


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Dental Marketing Ideas for New Patients

Dental marketing is important to your achievements. With increasing opposition among dentists regarding cosmetic, reconstructive along with implant cases, and many general dentists at this point performing periodontal, endodontic along with orthodontic procedures, it’s getting increasingly challenging for dental care…


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Most Effective Dental Practice Marketing Ways

In today’s competitive landscape and the unique state of the economy growing your dental practice is not as easy as it might have been a decade ago. Marketing a dental practice is now a task that is no longer optional. There are several ways that dentists and practice owners can do marketing to generate more new patients:

1. External marketing for dentists: Print publications, community outreach, etc.

2. Internal marketing for dentists: Posters of new/additional…


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New To My Reading List: Books by ePatient Laurie Edwards

I love books - and I love reading. When I'm reading purely for pleasure (fiction), I typically download books to my iPad. However, for books related to my work (healthcare and marketing), I still like to have a hard copy. Those books live on the bookshelf in my office, allowing me to easily reference them when I'm working on a project or looking for inspiration. They are my treasures. If the end of days ever came, I'd have a hard time deciding which books to take with me. My iPad would come…


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Community Building, Blogger-Style

Last week I traveled down to West Columbia, South Carolina, to take part in a blogger luncheon sponsored by my client, Lexington Medical Center. For a couple of years now we've helped Lexington Medical Center to develop and then manage their Every Woman Blog. One thing I've learned over the years managing blogs is that it is common for bloggers to burn out…


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Hospitals Offering Concierge Services for Patients

On last week's #HCLDR Twitter Chat there was a lot of discussion about practices that will help to make hospitals more patient- and family-friendly. Basically, what can we do to make hospitals into true healing environments? Lots of great ideas were offered up. I love this topic and pointed the group toward a few trends I've been following. One of them is the move by a few hospitals to begin offering concierge services to patients. Below are a few of my Tweets that led into the discussion of…


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Professional Talent vs. Real People as Models

At Jennings, we've always had a preference for using real people (doctors, nurses, patients) in the advertising we produce, rather than professional talent. Yesterday we were in Boston shooting photography that will be used in marketing for Floating Hospital for Children at Tufts Medical Center. Our models were real people: physicians from Floating Hospital and kids. No professional talent. And I could not be happier with the results. The images look genuine. Below are some photos I took…


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Online Reputation Management for Doctors or Physicians by myPracticeReputation™

What are the Costs of a Bad Review?

With myPracticeReputation, you don’t have to find out.

Online reviews have become a major concern for many doctors, dentists and healthcare practitioners. Patients are writing reviews more than ever. And the number of platforms to facilitate these reviews is growing rapidly.

Review websites such as Google+, Yelp, and are among the ones with the highest visits and traffic. Be proactive in monitoring and…


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An ePatient Firestorm Provoked by Journalists

A pair of journalists, husband and wife, recently published opinion pieces that seem to draw into question the ethics and sensibility of Lisa Adams (@adamslisa) Tweeting and blogging about her…


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Infographic: Focusing on Transitional Care to Reduce Readmissions

The folks from Vree Health sent me this infographic yesterday - highlighting their perspective on the four main steps to lowering hospital readmission costs: Comprehensive Care Coordination, Improved Hand-Offs (keeping the PCP informed), Medication Management, and Post-Discharge Follow-Up. (Vree is a transitional care provider.)

What this graphic doesn't address is the way in which marketers can help to address hospital readmissions. What are your thoughts? Can we help to…


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Dementia, Shrimp & Grits, and Merlot

Note: I share this story because I believe that the situation my family is facing is not unique. Many in my generation are caring for elderly parents and going through the same struggles that my sisters and I are encountering. And many more will be facing these challenges in the future.

I just spent the weekend in Pensacola, Florida visiting my elderly parents. They are now in their mid 80s. My mom has significant memory loss and my dad, who suffers from emphysema, is on oxygen 24/7.…


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Call for Speakers: Physician Strategies Summit

Yesterday I received the Call for Speakers for the 2014 Physician Strategies Summit. I've spoken at this conference in the past and it is a terrific event. This year's Summit will take place at the Omni Orlando Resort at ChampionsGate, April 30 - may 2, 2104. I definitely plan to be there.

Below is some of the information about the Physician Strategies Summit that I lifted from the email I received. To download the Call for Speakers, click…


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Consumer Reports' Rankings Confuse and Confound

The effort by many organizations to provide hospital quality information to consumers is admirable. However, it would be great if they could all collaborate and come up with standard measures of quality and safety. Today, so many different reports are coming out with conflicting data, consumers don't know what to think. What data is the right data? How are…


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20 Top Healthcare Marketing Sites

I want to give a shout out to The Go! Agency (Online Marketing) for including a couple of my sites on their list of the top 20 healthcare marketing websites. This online…


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Speaking Friday at NC Philanthropy Conference

This Friday I will be speaking at the NC Philanthropy Conference in Concord, NC. I'll serve on a panel at 8:30am and then will teach a Master Class at 10am. I'm honored that they invited me to speak. This is particularly meaningful to me because I come from a family of fundraisers and development professionals. My uncle, David Dunlop, spent his entire career as a development officer…


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Video Post: Marketing to Community Physicians

This is the fourth in a series of videos I recorded while hiding away in the mountains of Virginia to work on my book. In this video I address the need for healthcare marketers to take a fresh look at how we market to referring physicians. In short, it is time to integrate digital elements into our overall physician marketing strategy. This is just the beginning of what I call "Digital Physician Relations." More on that in the future. Enjoy the video. Please know that I shot this, by myself,…


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How to Market Your Dental Practice

In the event that you move toward advertising and pushing your dental practice, quit taking on a similar mindset as a dental specialist and be like a patient rather. Approach this thing from your customer's perspective. Put yourself in your patient's shoes and consider, What might make me result in these present circumstances specific dental center?

Get a pen and paper and head down to your staging phase. Think about the things that your patients need or require from you being…


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