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January 2012 Blog Posts (13)

Books On My Bedside Table Waiting To Be Read

The books are starting to pile up on my bedside table. January was such an intense month that I wasn't able to keep up with my reading or my writing. I didn't get any work done on my book, I've got an article due to eHealthcare Strategy & Trends that I have to finish today, and there are at least three books that I'd like to read but haven't gotten to.…


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More Images from Yesterday's Health System Launch: Vidant Health

Here are a few more photos from launch events that took place at hospitals across eastern North Carolina - all part of Vidant Health. For more details, see my two posts from yesterday.

Photo from Vidant Beaufort Hospital's Employee Celebration

Photo from Vidant Beaufort Hospital's Employee Celebration…


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Launch Day for a New Health System Brand: Vidant Health

Today is a huge day for my client, Vidant Health. We have launch activities taking place across eastern North Carolina - a region the size of the state of Maryland. Our goal is to fully engage the 11,000 people who make up this health system. In this post I'll share photos of the new brand rollout in various executions, from bus signage to building signage to digital signage. My goal is to share with you the scope of this undertaking. Enjoy! (More to come as I acquire more digital images…


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The Birth of a Health System Brand: Vidant Health

Today is the birthday of a new health system brand: Vidant Health. If you think about the scope of this health system in eastern North Carolina prior to the launch of its new brand, it had 10 hospitals over a footprint the size of the state of Maryland, a number of primary care physicians offices around the region, a collection of hospitalists, two join ventures with area hospitals, two wellness centers, home health and hospice services and an ambulatory surgery center. All of these had…


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The Founding Fathers, Social Media and the Democratization of Communication

It has been fascinating to me, as a former student of American Government and political science instructor, to witness the rise of social media within our society. For some time now I’ve wanted to write a blog post about how the Founding Fathers would have viewed this dramatic change in the way people communicate. An understanding of American politics and…


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Dentists, Marketing, Legionnaires Disease & Water Walls

Earlier this week I had a dental appointment (broken tooth). This was my first time visiting this particular practice; my previous dentist retired. Let me set this up by telling you that I have a serious dental phobia! Yes, I work in healthcare everyday and have done so for 20 years, but I have never gotten over the anxiety caused by just thinking about a…


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The 2012 Healthcare Marketing Summit: Join Us

Yesterday I received the brochure and agenda for the 2012 Healthcare Marketing Summit. The Summit is being held in Orlando, Florida at the Ritz-Carlton, April 29 - May 1. Judy Neiman and her team at the Forum for Healthcare Strategists have done a great job assembling a remarkable line-up of speakers for this year's event. I'm really looking forward to…


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Can a Comic Book Make Health Care Reform Palatable or Understandable?

Recently I've written blog posts about med students writing poetry, p…


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A Snowy Day In Healthcare Marketing

I managed to fly in to Albany, NY, last night, after delays in Raleigh-Durham and Washington National due to stormy winter weather in the Northeast. It actually seemed balmy when I arrived by way of rental car (4 wheel drive) in Bennington, Vermont. There was snow on the ground and in the air, but it wasn't sticking to the roads. Today is packed with meetings at Southwestern Vermont Medical Center so I was relieved to arrive in Bennington unscathed.

Of course, now the challenge is…


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Healthcare Awards Season Is Upon Us

This is the time of year when a number of deadlines for healthcare marketing awards loom large. Here's a list of a few of the healthcare marketing awards competitions with impending deadlines:

  • Aster Awards (11th annual) - Early submission deadline, February 29, 2012. Late deadline, March 16, 2012. Go to; for more information. This is one of the national healthcare…

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The Long Road to Lexington's New Cardiac Center

Lexington Medical Center (West Columbia, SC) has been working to bring advanced, comprehensive cardiovascular services to the communities it serves for more than 10 years. In June 2010, I wrote a blog post titled "…


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Hospital Print Ads From My Clippings File

I regularly display hospital print ads on my blog. I found these particular ads in airline magazines. As you might expect, the ads vary in quality. I present them to you in the spirit of sharing and welcome your comments relative to the perceived quality of the various executions. One caveat: I scanned these ads so the quality has been diminished. Enjoy!…


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My 2011 Year In Review

At the end of each year I take stock of what I've achieved over that last 12-months. For me, it is the business equivalent of taking time to smell the roses. I don't want to let a year go by without celebrating the victories and assessing the missed opportunities. Each of us spends too much time at our professional life to approach it in anything less than a thoughtful and reflective manner. If you don't do this for yourself (and your business), I highly recommend that you give a shot. That…


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