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February 2009 Blog Posts (13)

When Two Hospitals Come Together, Part Two

Two Rival Institutions Call a Truce for the Good of Their Communities

Brad Warthen, an editor at The State newspaper in Columbia, South Carolina, wrote a very thoughtful and honest post in his blog yesterday about the new agreement between Lexington Medical Center and Providence Hospitals. See my earlier post for more context - "When Two Hospitals Come… Continue

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When Two Hospitals Come Together

For the last 14 months, my company and I have worked with the leadership team at Lexington Medical Center (West Columbia, South Carolina) and its Board of Directors in support of its efforts to acquire an open heart surgery program. As you may know, South Carolina is a certificate of need (CON) state, so seeking regulatory approval for new facilities and programs can be a challenge. And for Lexington Medical Center… Continue

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National Health Information Awards

Today I received the call for entries for the National Health Information Awards. These awards are produced by the Health Information Resource Center. They recognize high-quality consumer health information - very different from the traditional healthcare marketing awards competitions. You can access the awards online at The entry deadline is April 3, 2009.

The four main classes of entries include:

*… Continue

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The Baldrige Natonal Quality Program in Health Care

If you are not familiar with the Baldrige National Quality Program, it might be worth checking out and sharing with your leadership team. It is a program of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), designed to enhance the competitiveness, quality and productivity of U.S. organizations for the benefit of all residents. At times like these, we can all benefit from improvements in the performance of our organizations! The Baldrige Program is helping organizations deal with the… Continue

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Health Care New Media Marketing Conference

Jordan Sanders of Q1 Productions , a new member of the Healthcare Marketing Online Community, posted information about an upcoming event: The Health Care New Media Marketing Conference. Jordan's firm, Q1 Productions, is producing the event. The conference… Continue

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Use 'Article Marketing' to Boost Your Hospital's Visibility

Last weekend I was reading "How to Say It: Marketing with New Media" by Lena Claxton and Alison Woo, and they recommended 'article marketing' as a tactic for businesses to promote themselves and increase visibility. By this they mean using online article distribution services to submit your articles (600 to 900 words typically) to article banks, rather then send articles out to one online publisher at a time. There's usually a fee involved, but the time savings is immense and in many cases the… Continue

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Mature Media Awards & Hermes Awards Deadlines Approaching

The submission deadlines for the National Mature Media Awards and the Hermes Creative Awards are fast approaching. (These are in addition to the usual healthcare marketing awards like the Asters and the Healthcare Advertising Awards.)

The National Mature Media Awards recognize marketing communications targeting older adults. Given the nature of healthcare marketing, much of it fits into this category. Cardiovascular campaigns are usually a natural. The deadline for submission of… Continue

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Girls and Smoking: A Social Media Intervention

Years ago, I met Bill Novelli when he was championing Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids. I was interested in the merger of my interests in public health with medical education and health promotion and went to DC to chat with him.

Despite those real interests, it wasn’t until 20 years later ) that my passions have synergized, resulting in a tween girl focused social media intervention called the No Smoking Room, developed with a Pfizer unrestricted educational grant our team won for… Continue

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"Social Media is a Cocktail Party"

Recently I read Jim Tobin’s new book, “Social Media is a Cocktail Party: Why You Already Know the Rules of Social Media Marketing.” It is one of three or four new books on social media that I ordered from Amazon over the holidays. I also bought “Facebook Marketing: Leverage Social Media to Grow Your Business,” “Secrets of Social Media Marketing” and “Social Media Marketing: An Hour a Day.” These books on social media keep coming out faster than I can read them. The list that I’ve made it… Continue

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HealthLeaders Media Annual Leadership Survey

Yesterday I received an email from Gienna Shaw, senior editor for marketing of HealthLeaders Media, letting me know that their Annual Leadership Survey is now complete and the results are posted online. The link to access the survey is Once you land on this page, you have the option of clicking on various micro-survey results broken out by leadership position classification:… Continue

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Day Two of CBM '09: Creating the 'Hybrid Marketer'

This morning at the Customer Based Marketing Strategy Forum '09 I sat in on a session led by Elizabeth Scott of Raven New Media. The entire session was focused on the need for marketing teams to define and develop a new staff position to carry out 'hybrid marketing,' bridging traditional marketing with social media. This is a really important idea and the first time I've heard someone describe it this pointedly.

What is 'hybrid marketing'? It's a role or function that "integrates… Continue

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Day One at CBM 2009 Conference

Day one at the National Forum on Customer Based Marketing Strategies was a marathon! I left Raleigh-Durham on a 5:40am flight to Las Vegas. I arrived in time for all of the conference activities with sessions kicking off at 1pm.

On day one, there were a couple of real bright spots. The first was a presentation by Barbara McLaurine of Progress West Healthcare and Burl Stamp of Stamp & Chase, Inc. The title of their presentation was "Delivering on the Brand Promise: A Marketing,… Continue

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This Week: Posts from the CBM 2009 Conference

For the remainder of this week, my plan is to write a few posts from the 14th National Forum on Customer Based Marketing Strategies (CBM 2009). The conference takes place in Las Vegas this Wednesday through Friday. I'll be presenting on Thursday.

With the economic challenges we are all facing, I'm curious to see the turn out for the conference and the mindset of the attendees. I spoke at the conference last year in Phoenix and it was a really good event with a strong turnout. If… Continue

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