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February 2012 Blog Posts (18)

Are We There Yet? The Healthcare Social Media Conundrum

My question is: When will we reach the point where the majority of marketing and communications professionals within healthcare understand and use social media to advance their organization's business goals? I'm not talking specifically about marketing departments. This applies to people involved in physician relations, referring physician marketing, physician and employee recruitment, and so much more. Through marketing conferences, webinars and industry publications,…


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Great Story Telling Linking Technology to Care

GE Stories: Healthcare

I've seen the GE Healthcare television commercial where they united the employees who make sophisticated diagnostic technologies with cancer survivors who have benefited from the technology. Below is a long-form version of that video. It is incredibly well done. GE recognizes that technology is relevant because of the impact it has on real people. Connecting its employees with survivors lets us know that there are caring, motivated people behind…


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The Two Physicians Who Rocked the Physician Strategies Summit


I just returned from attending the Physician Strategies Summit in Orlando, Florida, where I sat in on a number of informative presentations. However, two presenters absolutely stole the show: Wendy Sue Swanson, MD (@SeattleMamaDoc) and Russell Faust, MD (@RussellFaust). I have long been an advocate of bringing the voice of the patient and the physician to these conferences. Physician liaisons, recruiters, and healthcare marketers can all benefit from exposure to ePatients and…


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Need to Know: 5 Women in Health IT

Guest post by Katie Matlack, Medical Market Analyst, Software Advice

You want irony? Try this: the Kaiser Family Foundation <…


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The Benefits Of Having An E-Newsletter For Your Hospital

An electronic newsletter or e-newsletter is a beneficial way to stay in touch with your target audience: past patients and potential patients. There are many reasons to have an e-newsletter and utilize it wisely:

  • Savings

An electronic newsletter is an inexpensive way to get news and messages from your hospital out to the world. There are no printing or postage fees when you go electronic so you can send out more for less. Also, you can save time…


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Healthcare Awards Madness!

It is that time of year when my team is entering our work for healthcare clients in a variety of award competitions. If you've never done this on a large scale, let me tell you that entering these competitions can be a monumental undertaking. It becomes particularly daunting when you are submitting entries representing a number of different hospitals and health systems. Some…


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Brand Experience & Organizational Culture: Recruiting Physicians Online

Today I presented, together with my colleague Kevin Robinson of Southwestern Vermont Medical Center, at the Physician Strategies Summit in Orlando, FL. Kevin and I presented on the importance of the online brand experience when recruiting physicians. In short, what does your online presence, in all of its forms, say about your organization and its values? Below is the PPT presentation which you can also find by going to my slideshare site:…


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People You Should Meet at the Physician Strategies Summit

Today in Orlando is the start of the Physician Strategies Summit, jointly sponsored by the Forum for Healthcare Strategists (of which I am a member) and the Postgraduate Institute for Medicine. I'm attending the conference, and speaking on Tuesday morning. One of the thing I always do at these events is make a point of connecting with industry colleagues…


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Just What I Needed, An Excuse To Eat More Indian and Thai Food

According to a recent articlein FierceBiotechResearch, a study from researchers at Thomas Jefferson University's Kimmel Cancer Center found that one of the ingredients commonly found in…


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Pinterest for Healthcare Marketers

Have you ever asked yourself if there will come a point in time when you can't keep up with the newest and greatest in the world of social media? It has certainly occurred to me. It is enough to make my head spin.

This week my friend Dan Hinmon from Hive Strategies drew my attention to a new post on his blog by Jean Kelso Sandlin titled "…


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Giving Back

I'm taking time out on my blog to celebrate the spirit of giving back. This holiday season my company held an online food drive for a local food pantry. We sent out mailers to clients and friends. On each mailer there was a code. For each person who went online to visit our special microsite and enter their secret code (thereby donating a can of food virtually), we would donate an additional can of food. 250 individuals took us up on our offer and entered their codes online. In all, that…


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Honoring Your Past While Embracing the Future

As I've documented in this blog over the last several weeks, my firm recently helped launch a new health system brand in eastern North Carolina: Vidant Health. The health system includes 11,000 employees, 10 hospitals and hundreds of physicians. Each of the hospitals that make up this system has a rich legacy serving its community. None is richer than Vidant Medical Center, formerly Pitt County Memorial Hospital. Vidant Medical Center is one of only four AMCs in North Carolina. It is the…


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Physician Strategies Summit: February 19 - 21, 2012

Beginning Sunday of this week, I will be attending the Physician Strategies Summit in Orlando, Florida. I'm really looking forward to this event. Not only have they invited me to speak on the topic of physician recruitment, but my presentation directly follows a keynote by Wendy Sue Swanson, M.D., aka Seattle Mama Doc. Dr. Swanson is a pediatrician who blogs for Seattle Children's Hospital. I am a huge fan of Dr. Swanson's. We both speak at a lot of conference, but this is the first time…


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Making Sense of EHR Choices

As a blogger, I get contacted daily by various individuals and companies looking to promote their services. Usually these hold no appeal for me. However, once in a while I will come across a resource that I think is worth sharing. The other day I was contact by James Resetco of FindTheBest, a website that allows individuals to do side-by-side comparisons of product…


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iRounds by Doximity: Twitter for Physicians

Doximity, a leading online professional physician network, recently announced the launch of iRounds, the first HIPAA-secure forum for doctors. The platform enables members to tap into the collective knowledge and experience of more than 30,000 of their colleagues for consultation on patient cases, emerging medical technologies, new research and best…


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The Booming Market for Mobile Health Apps

Markus Pohl of research2guidance (mobile research specialists) recently contacted me to share his firm's latest research report on the growing mobile health Apps market. Below is some of the information he shared. Much of it will not surprise you. I'll share general information here and you can download the…


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Family Blogs, Women's Blogs, Mommy Blogs - But Why?

Why do so many women blog, and so many other women follow their blogs? In this day and age, I don't believe you can be a successful healthcare marketer without understanding what drives these women to do what they do. The best way I know to understand them is to ask them. About 8 times a year I attend blogger luncheons where we gather female bloggers and they…


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BCBS Website Tells Stories of Nonprofits Making a Healthy Difference

BCBSNC Foundation Challenges North Carolinians to Get Inspired, Inspire Others

Making a difference in light of daunting realities is the theme for the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (BCBSNC) Foundation’s new digital storytelling initiative –Inspired (…


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