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March 2009 Blog Posts (20)

Senior Daily schedule-part 2

VIP—Make the bed while they are eating.

(This will discourage going back to bed and sleeping the day away.)

***Put 2-4 bottles of water on the counter in the kitchen—however much you can get them to drink in a day. Mark the tops with the day of the week. This is an easy way to keep track of how much water is being consumed each day. Feed opened and unfinished bottles to the pets or plants.

Bathing -- (list special shampoos, soaps, or creams to be used… Continue

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Senior Daily schedule-part 1


Before your senior wakes in the morning:

Take meds out of box and put in daily, timed containers.

Check dryer for laundry that needs folding.

Check washer for clothes that need to go into dryer.

Empty dishwasher/do dishes in sink.

Bring in garbage/recycle cans from street.

Bring in newspaper.

9 a.m. Put coffee on

Feed pets

Prepare breakfast. Set out nicely on table with juice.

Suggestions: Cereal with… Continue

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Should CCHIT Influence Your EHR Selection?

The Certification Commission for Healthcare Information Technology (CCHIT®) has gained substantial momentum since the organization’s founding in 2004. As a result, buyers of electronic health records (EHRs) – or electronic medical records (EMRs), as they are also known - often ask me what role CCHIT certification should play in their purchase decision. The answer is not always simple, so I decided… Continue

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Slow Adoption of Comprehensive EHR Systems

According to a report published by the New England Journal of Medicine, only 1.5% of non-federal hospitals have adopted a comprehensive EHR (electronic health records) system. All VA hospitals have adopted EHR systems, but they are not included in the data. I just read about this study on Modern Healthcare online. It seemed timely given my recent post (March 16) on EHRs and the Certification Commission for Healthcare Information Technology… Continue

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EMRs & The Certification Commission for Healthcare IT (CCHIT)

Have you ever heard of the CCHIT? It's probably something we should all be familiar with. CCHIT is a private, not-for-profit organization formed to certify Electronic Health Records (EHRs) against a minimum set of requirements or standards. According to a recent article by Don Fornes of Software Advice, a website that reviews electronic medical records (… Continue

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The Empowered Healthcare Conference 2009

I belong to the Health 2.0 Group in LinkedIn and received notification today of "The Empowered Healthcare Conference 2009." This is a conference "where attendees will learn how to make their voice heard in health care, how to advocate effectively for themselves and loved ones, how to protect themselves… Continue

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Deloitte's 2009 Survey of Healthcare Consumers

It never fails to amaze me the wonderful array of resources available online - for free. My latest find is Deloitte's 2009 Survey of Healthcare Consumers.This is deloitte's second annual survey of healthcare consumers attitudes, behaviors and unmet needs.

"The results of this study… Continue

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Disproportionate-Share Hospitals (DSH) Get Help

Hospitals that provide a disproportionate share of care to low-income and uninsured patients (DSH) have assistance coming their way thanks to the new American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. $268 million in stimulus funds are ear marked for disproportionate share hospitals. The annual allotment for these hospitals (funneled through the states) is to be increased from $11.06 billion to $11.33 billion in 2009.

“The funding from the Recovery Act will help ensure hospitals… Continue

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In Ailing Economy Adults Skip Care to Save Money

In my Daily Dose email blast from Modern Healthcare (March 17, 2009) they cited a report by Consumer Reports that found adults skipping care in order to save money. According to the report, about 4 in 10 adults delayed care or failed to follow prescriptions as a way to cut back on expenses in 2008.

Quoting from the Modern Healthcare account, "To save money, respondents reported they did not fill prescriptions; skipped a dose; cut pills in half; took expired drugs… Continue

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Nielsen Report: Are Your Patients Social Media Users?

My Research Brief today from the Center for Media Research summarizes some interesting findings from a recent study on social media use, completed by Nielsen. The report is titled, "Global Faces and Networked Places: A Nielsen Report on Social Networking's new Global Footprint." It contains some… Continue

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Management Lessons From Mayo Clinic

Earlier this year, at the Forum on Customer Based Marketing Strategies, I sat in on a presentation by Len Berry and Kent Seltman, the authors of Management Lessons from Mayo Clinic: Inside One of the World's Most Admired Service Organizations. After their presentation I attended the book signing,… Continue

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What is Certified Senior Advisor

What is a CSA?

If you have M.D. behind your name, everyone knows you’re a doctor, and if you have CPA behind your name, everyone knows you’re an accountant. Professionals with CSA behind their names are Certified Senior Advisors who have earned that designation through the Society of Certified Senior Advisors™.

The CSA letters behind their names signify the spirit inside their hearts.

That’s because people who become CSAs have made the clear and conscious… Continue

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Why does everything have to be branded? Even in Healthcare

Go to McDonald’s. Order an extra value meal. Eat it and leave.

How many times do you think you were exposed to the golden arches?

Think about this typical experience:

You drive into the parking lot, look at the building, walk in the door, order some food, talk with an employee, go to the bathroom, look at the kids toys, get your cup, fill your cup, get some napkins, get some ketchup, pick up your food, sit down, unwrap your burger, look at your tray, eat some… Continue

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Doctors Legally Silence Dissatisfied Patients

Physicians take measures to block patients from critiquing them online

This story falls under the heading of "Wow." I didn't have a category for that on this blog, until today. Yesterday, in my email blast from HealthLeaders, they directed their readers to a story by AP Medical Writer Lindsey Tanner. The article, which I found on Yahoo News, was titled "Docs seek gag orders to stop patients' reviews." The story is about the extreme steps some physicians are now taking to keep… Continue

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Press Ganey Releases Culture of Safety Report

Yesterday, coinciding with Patient Safety Week, Press Ganey released its 2009 Safety Culture Pulse Report: Staff Perspectives on American Health Care. This is an important report with data relevant to everyone working in health care. You can download the report for free by going to:

Why is… Continue

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Latino Healthcare Discussion

I recently sent Dan a link to our Healthcare Newsletter with a spotlight on Latino Healthcare concerns. He invited me to join this blog community and to share some of our ideas about Latino Healthcare issues.

So I'd like to open a thread focusing on Latino Healthcare issues. As a language translation company specializing in Spanish language publications since 1988, one of our primary target audiences are healthcare professionals and administrators – your audience as… Continue

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Do Doctors Welcome Patients Speaking Up?

Last week, Laura Landro in her "The Informed Patient" column (The Wall Street Journal), raised an issue that provoked some emotional responses. Her column was titled: "Finding a Way to Ask Doctors Tough Questions." Here's a link to the column that was prompted by the prevalence of signage and buttons in hospitals encouraging patients and staff… Continue

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"Sometimes it is about winning"

The headline on the email blast I received this morning from HealthLeaders Media read: "Sometimes it is about winning." This was their way of announcing the official call for entries for the 2009 HealthLeaders Media Annual Top Leadership Team Awards. The deadline for submissions is April 30,… Continue

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"Prognosis Negative on Social Media Adoption in Healthcare"

Jeff Majka, in his blog The PR Guy: Straight to the Point, had an interesting post today titled: Prognosis Negative on Social Media Adoption in Healthcare. Jeff and his colleagues, evidently frustrated with the slow pace that social media is being adopted in healthcare, recently did a survey using survey monkey to tap into others' perceptions. Their survey, distributed through social media outlets, confirmed that healthcare marketing… Continue

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Health Magazine's Healthiest Fast Food Eateries

Health Magazine has published its list of the top 10 healthiest fast food restaurants. As someone who works a great deal in healthcare, and as more hospitals move to healthy food programs, the list caught my attention. Check out the list below, there may be some surprises! My brief commentary follows the list.

Health Magazine's Top 10 Healthiest… Continue

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