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March 2011 Blog Posts (29)

Informed hope at HMSS '11

By Tandi Phillips Musuraca (@tanditweets), CPM's Chief Marketing Officer

This year’s Healthcare Marketing Strategies Summit was one of the best conferences I’ve been to recently. It may sound surprising, but in sessions and conversations with colleagues and new friends, there was a real sense of growing optimism about the future of healthcare. A lot of discussion centered around how marketers can improve the…


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Marketing Healthcare Today Magazine

Are you familiar with Marketing Healthcare Today Magazine (MHT)? It is produced by the same people who do the Aster Awards each year. It's a full-color publication that does a great job of profiling integrated marketing campaigns. My firm has been fortunate to have several of our client's campaigns featured over the years. The most recent was an affiliation campaign we produced for MetroWest Medical Center and Floating Hospital for Children at Tufts Medical Center. (Self-promotional… Continue

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About Turning 50, My Mustache, and Luddites

How in the world did it come to this? I'm still a kid. But there's no arguing with my Birth Certificate - I'm turning 50 today. I'm not depressed about it, but I am shocked. The last 20 years must have snuck up on me. I know it is cliche to say, but the time has gone by so fast. It is time to slow down the clock. No doubt… Continue

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Really turning customers to champions

Dan, congrats and thanks on a great Mommy Blog presentation at HMSS.  Good to hear how this works and lessons learned.  Kudos to Tufts Medical Center and Signature Health for sharing their successes with us all. 

Added by Linda MacCracken on March 30, 2011 at 11:25am — 1 Comment

5 People to Avoid at HMSS 2011

Did you really think I would write a post about people you should avoid at the Healthcare Marketing Strategies Summit? No way. The Summit is all about networking, meeting amazing people, and learning from your peers. I want to thank Judy, Debbie, Jen and everyone at the Healthcare Strategy Institute for putting on another terrific event.

But wait, the conference is not over. Day 3 is full of promise with several great presentations on the agenda. I am particularly interested in Chris… Continue

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People to Meet & Follow at #HMSS2011

Here are a few people you may want to meet in person and then follow on Twitter during the Healthcare Marketing Strategies Summit (hashtag #HMSS2011):

@RaganReporter - Jessica Levco of

@UbiBill - Bill Lindsay with UbiCare

@helloerinmarie - Erin Sorensen with… Continue

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10 People to Meet: The 2011 Healthcare Marketing Strategies Summit

I always set out to take a few great nuggets of information away from each major conference I attend. I'm satisfied if I leave with a couple of great ideas that I can put to work for my clients or my company. Another thing I set out to do is connect with some of my favorite people in the industry. Here's a list of 10 people I… Continue

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Q1 Productions Hosts 3rd Annual Healthcare New Media Marketing Conference

Paul Hernandez from Q1 Productions has been sending me updates about the upcoming Healthcare New Media Marketing Conference in Chicago. Here are some of the details: The 3rd Annual Health Care New Media Marketing Conference will address the next level of new media strategies for hospitals, healthcare networks and associations. If you've attended in the past, some new… Continue

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Video Spotlight: Employee-Produced Video & Theme Song

What I find remarkable about the video below is not that it was produced in-house by the marketing staff at Lexington Medical Center (West Columbia, SC), but that one of the employees composed the theme song, wrote the lyrics and edited the video! I love the spirit that the marketing team at Lexington Medical Center (LMC) brought to this project. My firm does PR for LMC, so I know them well. This is the kind of effort that sets them apart. They are given an assignment and rather than doing… Continue

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Spotlighting America’s Greenest Healthcare Organizations

As more healthcare firms apply environmental sustainability to their daily operations (and consumers embrace the values of sustainability), the marketing of those achievements is becoming more relevant. This includes entering awards competitions that recognize the green efforts of healthcare organizations. Sponsored by… Continue

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Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center's New Brand Identity

Last week Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center unveiled a new brand identity that effectively consolidates all of its clinical operations under a single visual brand identity while shortening the name of the main campus to Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. No more reference to "University." According to a press… Continue

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Understanding The Socially Networked Mom

On Sunday, March 27th I'll be speaking on the subject of marketing to the mommy audience. I'm presenting at the National Summit on Healthcare Marketing Strategies in Orlando. Brooke Hynes and I will share our experiences creating mommy blogs for two different hospitals in Massachusetts. As part of that process, we've videotaped women speaking about their use of social media. Below is a video compilation where a number of women share their feelings about social networking and blogging. If you… Continue

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Carolinas Medical Center Uses Airport Banners To Make An Impact

I often fly through Charlotte (US Airways hub) when I am on business travel. Lately I have noticed a series of banners in the Charlotte Douglas Airport promoting Carolinas Medical Center. The banners appear in two of the terminals and are hung in sequence to tell a story; they are suspended from the ceiling over the "people movers." On my last trip through Charlotte I managed to pull out my Flip camera and capture digital video of the banners as I passed under them. I don't know what Carolinas… Continue

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Looking For a Few Good... (places to advertise)

I stumbled upon Dan Dunlop's Healthcare Marketer blog site while looking for places to advertise or otherwise promote my company's services.  While not the least bit related to my quest, Dan’s posting on The Heart Attack Grill caught my attention and I found it riveting enough (in an unbelievable, outrageous…


Added by Glenn Davis on March 17, 2011 at 8:29am — 1 Comment

Simple But Seemingly Effective Billboard Strategy

When I was in Pensacola, Florida earlier this week, I noticed a billboard across from Sacred Heart Hospital that had rotating messages. Interestingly, all three messages were from Woodlands Medical Specialists, a multi-specialty, physician-owned practice with locations in Pensacola, FL; Gulf Breeze, FL; Foley, AL; and Brewton, AL. The board was promoting Cancer Care, Breast Health, and Men's Health. The billboard placement was perfect, directly across from the major hospital in the market.…


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Heart Attack Grill: Where Indulgence Meets Gluttony

Generally I am an advocate for indulgence. In fact, I've argued that fast food and restaurants should stop pretending to be healthy and just be honest about the fact that they are an unhealthy indulgence. Why not? Once in a while it is okay to treat yourself to that type of indulgence - just don't let it be a daily occurrence.…


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Taking the Plunge

It’s February, it’s cold and residents in Tyngsboro, Massachusetts are about to go… swimming? Yes, you heard right. Once a year, Lowell General Hospital Cancer Center hosts a polar plunge at Long Lake. All proceeds go to Lowell General Hospital's TeamWalk for CancerCare. Talk about an extreme fundraiser! The ice-cold swim is especially significant for Maureen Polson, whose father passed away from cancer last year. She says the swim is “a good way to honor her father and to move forward… Continue

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At Emory Healthcare, A Healthy Dose of Green

A week or so ago I was tweeting about the new movement to reduce waste from operating rooms ("greening operating rooms"), and I received an interesting response from the folks at Emory Healthcare in Atlanta.

I am a huge fan of the healthy hospital movement (Integrating…


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To Sacred Heart Health System: A Rare Shout Out

This is a rare shout out from me to the professionals at the Sacred Heart Regional Heart & Vascular Institute in Pensacola, Florida. I spend most of my time either immersed in my career as a healthcare marketer and agency president, or enjoying life with my immediate family (Scotti & Meg). Over the last few weeks my role as son has taken on much more importance as my… Continue

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Martha Stewart, Mount Sinai, and Healthy Aging

There was a really interesting post in the H&HN Daily last week about Martha Stewart's relationship with Mount Sinai and it relevance today given all the attention "elder care" is… Continue

Added by Dan Dunlop on March 11, 2011 at 4:00am — No Comments

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