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May 2010 Blog Posts (23)

Crowdsourcing for Healthcare: Survey of Digital, Integrated and Emerging Marketing

Our hospital's digital agency, Acsys Interactive, is launching an industry survey here:…


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New Patient Marketing Question

Hello everyone! We have been losing mammogram patients ever since the new government recommendations came out late last year. We are the only facility that offers mammo within 30-45 mile, and we have multiple sites that our Rad’s read for. So it’s not a competition problem – more of an education problem. Am I right?…


Added by Julia Davenport on May 26, 2010 at 1:57pm — 3 Comments

Images from NESHCo Spring Symposium

I thought I'd share a few of the photos I took while attending the 2010 Spring Symposium of the New England Society for Healthcare Communications (NESHCo). The conference took place in Stowe, Vermont. Enjoy!…


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New England Marketers Present Lamplighter Awards

The Lamplighter Awards are presented each year by the New England Society for Healthcare Communications. For four decades, NESHCo has served as the New England’s premier professional development organization for communication professionals working in the health care industry. The Society has nearly 300 members throughout New England. The 2010 awards presentation was held at the NESHCo 2010 Spring Conference in Stowe, Vermont at a special Lamplighter Awards Gala



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Social Media Panel Discussion: NESHCo Spring Symposium

The second presentation at the NESHCo Spring Symposium was a panel on social media. The panel includes several terrific healthcare marketers - all of whom I've met in the past and respect: Kevin Robinson (Southwestern Vermont Medical Center), Keith Fontaine (Backus Hospital), and Jim Rattray (Suncoast Health System). Kevin is one of my firm's clients and a pioneer in hospital blogs; Keith has been speaking on social media at conferences for a couple of years - preaching the… Continue

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NESHCo Keynote: Dean Browell on Social Media

I'm attending the Spring Symposium of the New England Society for Healthcare Communications in Stowe, Vermont. I'm a member of NESHCo and have spoken at their last two conference. Today, I am just another observer - and enjoying it. My goal when I attend conference like this is always to pick up a… Continue

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Blogging Live from the New England Society for Healthcare Communications Conference

Next week I’ll be blogging live from the Fall Symposium of the New England Society for Healthcare Communications (NESHCo). The conference is taking place in Stowe, Vermont – only about 40 minutes from the small town of Essex Junction where I grew up. Last summer my wife and I…


Added by Dan Dunlop on May 21, 2010 at 4:00am — 1 Comment

NPR Story On Whether Or Not Healthcare Advertising Should be Banned

There was an interesting story on NPR this week (Morning Edition) where Lynn Neary interviewed James Unland, editor of the Journal of Health Care Finance. The topic was whether or not hospitals should be allowed to spend money on advertising in mass media. As a healthcare marketer, it is apparent to me,… Continue

Added by Dan Dunlop on May 19, 2010 at 1:30pm — 1 Comment

Most Physician Marketing Still in the Dark Ages

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of work in the area of physician marketing. Not only do I believe that most physician marketing is still in the dark ages, but that’s only when an institution is fortunate enough to actually be engaged in physician marketing at all. It is my perspective that most hospital and medical centers don’t actively market to the physician… Continue

Added by Dan Dunlop on May 18, 2010 at 8:00pm — 6 Comments

A Good Week For This Healthcare Marketer

This was a really good week. In addition to handling the daily responsibilities of my job (primarily strategic marketing for hospitals), I had a few interesting occurrences that made it even more interesting than usual. So what does a good week look like? Here are the highlights:

  • Thursday and Friday marked my team’s first official visit to Southwestern Vermont Medical Center (SVMC) as their new agency of record. SVMC is a terrific community hospital that serves southwestern…

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2010 National Health Information Awards Deadline Approaching

I received an email reminder today notifying me that the deadline for the National Health Information Awards is rapidly approaching:

May 21, 2010 is the deadline for the 17th Annual National Health Information Awards — recognizing the nation’s best consumer health information materials and programs produced in…


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Healthcare Marketing Matters Blog Update

Tapestry Marketing - Weaving an effective hospital marketing plan.

Added by Michael J Krivich, FACHE, PCM on May 11, 2010 at 12:00pm — 2 Comments

Ramblings on 15 Years: Promises to Keep and Miles to Go Before I Sleep

(Apologies to Robert Frost, one of my favorite poets.) Today marks 15 years that I’ve worked at Jennings. In the agency business, that’s a milestone. I spent the day in what has become typical fashion when I’m traveling: got up at 3:45am, checked my email and sent off a few messages. After a quick shower (plus taking my vitamins) I headed to Raleigh-Durham International Airport to catch a 6am flight to Boston. My flight was only delayed by only 30 minutes, so I count that as a victory. (I…


Added by Dan Dunlop on May 10, 2010 at 9:30pm — 2 Comments

VSHMPR Spring Conference: Ethics in Healthcare Marketing and Social Marketing

Our final presentation of the VSHMPR Spring Conference was on the topic of Ethics in Healthcare Marketing by Michael Gillette, Ph.D. of Bioethical Services of Virginia. Bioethical Services of Virginia, Inc. provides medical ethics programs

and services. Bioethical… Continue

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Jeff Goldsmith at VSHMPR: The Future of Healthcare

The keynote presentation today at the VSHMPR spring conference was a highly entertaining yet serious look at health reform by Dr. Jeff Goldsmith. He is President of Health Futures, Inc. and an Associate Professor of Public Health Sciences at the University of Virginia.… Continue

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VSHMPR Presentation: Joe Public Doesn't Care About Your Hospital

Next up on day one of the VSHMPR Spring Conference, Chris Bevolo, the president of Interval, presented "Joe Public Doesn't Care About Your Hospital." Chris is a really good presenter. He has an entertaining, comfortable style - and he's knowledgeable. That translates into a great presentation. You can check… Continue

Added by Dan Dunlop on May 6, 2010 at 11:47am — 1 Comment

VSHMPR Day 1: Jenn McDaniel on Media Relations

The first session of the Spring VSHMPR conference was presented by Jenn McDaniel from Martha Jefferson Hospital in Charlottesville, VA. Jenn is a terrific presenter, a former TV news professional in Charlottesville before joining Martha Jefferson. She provided a great primer on media relations for… Continue

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Will Facebook Take Over the Web? How will the recent their changes impact content marketing as we know it?

I personally think Facebook's charge for controlling the "open social

graph" is a major milestone we all need to be watching. As far as how

it will impact content marketing.... I have some thoughts that would

not fit in this post broken down by each major change that Facebook

recently made. Let me know what you think!…


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Blogging Live from VSHMPR Thursday and Friday

This Thursday and Friday I'll be attending the Spring Conference of the Virginia Society for Healthcare Marketing and Public Relations (VSHMPR). This is a meeting that I love to attend. It is a relatively small group so you can really get to know people. And the members of the… Continue

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Blog on Autism and on Dementia

Just a note to tell you about my blog on dementia care and autism.

you can follow me at Thanks and have a great day!

Added by Sharron Williams on May 4, 2010 at 6:31pm — No Comments

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