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Great Storytelling: Saint Agnes Hospital Uses Video to Tell Patient Stories

"Every hospital has excellent doctors and modern technology, but what some hospitals do better than others is work as a team. This site tells the stories of what that means to our patients." (Source: 360: Your Health From Every Angle website.)

Saint Agnes…


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Video: HCA's Use of the iPad

If you want to get a clear view of how hospitals and physicians are integrating technology like the iPad into the practice of medicine, this video will do exactly that. Although it is ultimately a promotional video for the iPad, the story is told from the perspective of physicians and healthcare professionals at Hospital Corporation of America (HCA Healthcare). This is a story that is going to become more common over time. Take a…


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The Voices and Faces of a System of Care

One of the things I am certain of is that video will play a much larger role in how we market hospitals, health systems, physicians and physician practices in the future. Through video we can introduce ourselves and our organizations in an engaging and authentic manner that is often lacking in traditional marketing and advertising. Right now I am on the video bandwagon, trying to get more organizations to embrace video to help them accomplish any number of strategic objectives.



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Interview with Gijs Hubben, Co-Founder and CEO of BaseCase

As an introduction to BaseCase, we asked the newest member of the marketing team to get inside the head of our CEO. She came up with a few questions to find out more on his experience and predictions for the future of healthcare and technology. We liked it so much we thought we’d share it with you.

Gijs Hubben
Gijs Hubben, BaseCase Co-Founder & CEO

Where did you start your career and what was the single defining moment that lead you to where…


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This Healthcare Marketer's Reading List: June Edition

Once again I've got a pile of books that needs to be read. These are books I have in my possession and want to read. Now I just have to make the time! This week I read Mastering the Rockefeller Habits by Verne Harnish. My business partner, Paige Zinn, recommended the book and we are using it to help us drive…


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The New Ophthalmology Innovation Network

Guest Post by Gregg Scheller, CEO Katalyst Surgical

In collaboration with physi cians, clinicians, and researchers around the world, Katalyst Surgical is launching the
 Ophthalmology Innovation Network…


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Infographic: Social Media in Healthcare

The folks from PowerDMS Suite contacted me about the healthcare infographics they're producing. PowerDMS Suite is a a policy and procedure management software company. Below is their most recent infographic on the topic of social media in healthcare.

Social Media in Healthcare



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Chris Boyer's Social Media ROI Rag Reprised

My friend Chris Boyer is the Director of Digital Marketing & Communications for Inova Health System based in the Northern Virginia & Washington DC area. He is a healthcare social media thought leader and a great guy. In this video, he sings the "Social Media ROI Rag" at the 2012 Connecting Healthcare & Social Media Conference in New York City (#hcsmNY on twitter) on May 17, 2012. The video was recorded by Mike Sevilla, MD of the Family Medicine Rocks…


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Is There Really Value in Tweeting from Conferences?

I just finished several months of traveling to healthcare marketing conferences, speaking at conferences, and religiously tweeting from sessions. This week while I was attending the Spring Symposium of the New England Society for Healthcare Communication (NESHCo), I started to reflect on the value of tweeting during presentations. I actually tweeted the question looking for feedback from my peers on Twitter.


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Marketers Making Physicians Uncomfortable

Do I seem like the kind of guy who enjoys making doctors feel uncomfortable? Actually, I spent a couple of days last week working hard to make sure physicians were comfortable with being photographed and videotaped. It is amazing what a fuss these highly educated, self-confident individuals can make over sitting in front of a few cameras for an hour. Yes, we took an hour of their…


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NESHCo Wrap Up: Final Summation, Twitter Impact Report & Photos

My Conference Wrap Up:First, I want to say congratulations to the NESHCo leaders who put on this conference. It could not have been better. What a spectacular event. It was an honor to be a presenter and participant. My thanks go out to Deb Chiaravalloti (Anna Jaques Hospital), Paul Hopkins (Northern Bershire Healthcare), John Looney (Winchester Hospital), Lauren Smith (Fairview Hospital), and Kelly Woodsum.

One of the highlights of the conference was the annual…


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10 Top Marketers to Meet at #NESHCo Today

There are so many terrific communicators and marketers who take part in NESHCo events. I thought I would single out a few who I recommend connecting with, should you have the opportunity. These are marketers that I know and hold in high regard. The list includes clients, vendors, friends, competitors and colleagues. I'm an equal opportunity blogger and list maker!

  • Kevin Robinson, Southwestern Vermont Medical Center (Kevin is a Jennings…

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Healthcare Marketing, Fenway Park and NESHCo

Last night kicked off the 2012 Spring Symposium of the New England Society for Healthcare Communications (NESHCo). This conference is a dream come true for me. It combines so many of my favorite things: Boston, the Red Sox and Fenway Park, Lobster, the Marriott Long Wharf, and NESHCo. It doesn't get any better than this.

Last night's welcome event…


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Cosmetic Dentistry Marketing Company

Success in any trade, business or exercise of a profession largely depends on the people to whom you are offering your merchandise or services. In any undertaking, you need to consider people—any one of them could be your potential buyer, customer, client or patient. Thus, you need to take steps to make your goods or services known to the general public. It’s up to them if they would seek you out.…


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Cosmetic Dentistry Marketing

Practice Builders has been in the business of marketing and promoting the medical and healthcare practice of many professionals for over 30 years already. Today the company has diversified its areas to include cosmetic dentistry practice.

As a cosmetic dentistry marketing company, Practice Builders offers online dental PR solutions aimed at enhancing the dental brand and reputation of its clients. In addition, the company…


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This Week: Blogging and Tweeting Live from NESHCo

Later today, marketers from hospitals and healthcare organizations across New England will converge on Boston to attend the Spring Symposium of the New England Society for Healthcare Communications. Not only is this one of my favorite events, but this year it happens to take place in one of my favorite cities. It doesn't get much better than…


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Storytelling as an Innovative Tool for Sales Success - This is no Fairytale

Most would not associate storytelling with the medical industry. But several innovative sales professionals have

smartly started employing interactive tools for storytelling in the sales process in order to increase sales effectiveness.

Melissa, a young sales rep from a pharmaceutical firm is…


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From Pager to iPad; the Niche Market for Mobile Devices that is Healthcare

Although they might not be the first to come to mind when you think of consumers of cutting-edge phones and other mobile devices, healthcare professionals have been key consumers of portable devices for years. It is not a stretch of the imagination to picture doctors checking their pagers on reruns of ER. …


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The Value of Communicating Value - A Pharmaceuticals Approach

How can one determine the value of a drug that could potentially save millions of lives? Until now, pharmaceutical companies have struggled with finding an effective method to communicate the value of their drug for the various stakeholders. Each constituent, whether it’s the physicians prescribing the drug, the hospital administrators purchasing the drug and even the patient who uses the drug, all have particular requirements and interests. It is becoming clear that a new way of…


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A Rare Look Inside the FDA's Drug Approval Process

If you don't know it already, I am a fan of Lisa Gualtieri and her blog:
 Lisa Gualtieri's Blog on Health. Lisa is an Assistant Professor at Tufts University School of Medicine in the Health Communication Program. She teaches Online Consumer…


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