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Random Acts of Generosity Lead to Gratitude

As a marketing strategy, the idea of routinely committing random acts of generosity may not be something that has occurred to you. When I was in Starbucks this morning, my friends behind the counter told me that my lattes were on the house. There was no special reason or occasion to warrant this action. They just did it. And I appreciated it. Heck, I'm writing about it in my blog.

This reminded me of an article a colleague passed along to me from the New York Times Magazine on June… Continue

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Medicine in the Age of Twitter

There was recently a great article by Pauline W. Chen, M.D. in the New York Times. The article, titled "Medicine in the Age of Twitter," tells a remarkable story from a physician's point of view. According to Dr. Chen, "there continues to be anecdotal evidence regarding social media’s potential to strengthen the patient-doctor bond." Social media represents an opportunity for physicians to reach out to patients who may otherwise be… Continue

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Final Day for W3 Award Entries

Today is the last day to get your entries in for the W3 Awards. The W3 Awards recognize outstanding websites, web advertising, and online film and video.

You can enter today by going to

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Facebook as a Marketing Tool - Part II

Sometimes these social networking communities and blogs actually work the way they are supposed to! Yesterday I published a post titled "Facebook as a Marketing Tool" on this blog. Warren Allan Johnson commented on my post, and gave me a link to another great article from Wired Magazine.

The article is titled "Great Wall of Facebook: The Social Network's Plan to Dominate the… Continue

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Facebook as a Marketing Tool

Earlier today I came across a great article in The Jakarta Post titled "Why Facebook can be a marketer's best friend." The title alone got my attention. It turned out to be a terrific article, explaining the difference between Facebook and some less sticky alternatives. Stickiness is Facebook's claim to fame as a marketing tool. People tend to come back again and again. Here's an excerpt from the article:

"For stickiness, Facebook has… Continue

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Marketing in a Recession

This April I did a presentation for the Advertising Federation of Charleston on the topic of marketing during a recession. The title of the presentation was "Big ideas for your shrinking ad budget." The talk was part of the AdFedU series of marketing seminars for small business owners and managers. I focused on cost effective ways to get the most out of your marketing - with particular emphasis on social media. I've edited the presentation into a number of 10 minute segments that appear below.… Continue

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Jane Sarasohn-Kahn on Twitter in Healthcare

About a year ago I met Jane Sarasohn-Kahn online when I wrote a post about an article she had written. She commented on my post, and we eventually connected through LinkedIn. She is a well-known health economist, leads Think-Health, a health consultancy, and works with stakeholders throughout the health care industry. She is very much focused on the link between, or integration of, healthcare and technology.

Today I stumbled upon a new article… Continue

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Caregiver Stress: "The New Female Problem"

On there's an article by Patricia Grace titled "The new 'female problem': Caregiver stress." This is a succinct article about a growing problem for women: The role women typically play as the caregiver (for children, husband and parents) has a big impact on their mental health and well being.

"Businesses and the overall economy are negatively impacted by caregivers who are emotionally drained by the burden of their role. The… Continue

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What Women Want: Marketing for Wellness!

So, who are we, the 21st Century women? And how can you reach us most effectively, not only about your products, but our very real - but sometims hidden -- desire for wellness. We're your sister, daughter, mother, or grandmother and marketing health to us means more than branded loyalty programs or patient education programs.

If you're a hospital, pharmaceutical or packaged goods marketer, the $3 trillion pocketbook that women hold… Continue

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"Healthcare Atwitter Over Social Networking"

A friend of mine, Kevin Palmer, recently sent me a link to an excellent article in Radiology Today magazine titled "Healthcare Atwitter Over Social Networking." The piece is written by Elizabeth S. Roop and appears in Vol. 10 No. 10 on P. 12.

The article features some of the work being done by the folks at the University of Maryland Medical System. They interviewed Ed Bennett, the system's director… Continue

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Lexington Medical Center Advances Healthcare in S.C.

One of my firm's clients, Lexington Medical Center, once again advanced the field of medicine in South Carolina by performing the state's first incisionless surgery earlier this week.

The South Carolina Obesity Surgery Center, a physician practice affiliated with Lexington Medical Center, performed its first ROSE procedure at Lexington Medical Center this week. ROSE stands for Restorative Obesity Surgery, Endoscopic. This procedure is for patients… Continue

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Soap-Sniffing Technology and Hand Hygiene

I ran into an article on about new "soap-sniffing technology" developed by the University of Florida. The new technology, which is designed to improve hand hygiene compliance within hospitals, is called HyGreen. It is being tested in the Neuro Intensive Care Unit at Shands at UF Medical Center. The group plans to present the technology at the annual meeting of the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology June 6 to June 9 in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.… Continue

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When a person turns 65 they must apply for Medicare.

• Medicare is a federal health insurance program for the elderly and disabled.

• Medicare Part A covers hospital costs, and Part B covers doctor bills and other medical costs.

• There are deductibles, co-insurance payments, and limits to what Medicare will pay for.

• Most people also purchase a supplement medical… Continue

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Arranging full time home healthcare can be a continuous nightmare. People come and go, don't show up for work, their kids get sick, and on and on and on. Let an agency supply your help in this situation. If an assigned caregiver cannot come to work for some reason, they can send someone else out immediately to cover the shift. To find one, look under Home Health Agencies in the phone book.

My recommendations for hiring caregivers: Be wary of hiring… Continue

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Caring For the elderly at home and SUPPORTIVE CARE OPTIONS




Supportive care options may include facilities and/or programs to which your senior can go to, such as a senior center or adult day care program. If your Mom/Dad mainly needs company and activity while you work during the day, a senior center may be the answer.

In a typical program, either you drop off your senior, or they will pick them up at about 9 a.m. They will be driven to a… Continue

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New Book: Health Communication in the New Media Landscape

On the Medical News Today website I saw an article promoting a relatively new text about the impact of new media on health communication: Health Communication in the New Media Landscape. This hardcover text is edited by Jerry C. Parker, PhD and Esther Thorson, PhD. Jerry Parker is the Associate Dean for Clinical Research and Development at the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Medicine. Esther Thorson is Professor, Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Research, and Director of… Continue

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CNN: Farmers Markets Bloom at Hospitals

On June 3, 2009, had an interesting story about the growing trend where hospitals are hosting local farmers markets. View the story online at

"For years, hospitals have embodied a paradox. As patients are tethered to dialysis machines, and many lay bedridden from obesity-related diseases, the hospitals' fast food joints and cafeterias dispense fried goodies and slick… Continue

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Creating a Social Media Marketing Plan

There are lots of places you can go online for information about creating a social media marketing plan. In a post on, Peter Kim presents a list of 22 social media tools to consider integrating into your plan.

(From Peter's post) Here’s a framework of 22 tools to consider:

1. Blogs

2. Bookmarking/Tagging

3. Brand monitoring

4. Content aggregation

5. Crowdsourcing/Voting

6. Discussion boards and… Continue

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Healthcare Marketing Groups on LinkedIn

Over the last couple of years, I have become a big fan of LinkedIn. I use it to keep up-to-date on industry news, to distribute press releases to other industry professionals (it is incredibly targeted) and to spread word about new blog posts. How do you do this? First, you need to join LinkedIn and create a profile. Then you need to join healthcare industry groups - and there are tons of them. When you join, you then opt-in to a daily or weekly eblast from… Continue

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Successful Weight Loss

Fast Weight Loss Tips

When it comes to successful weight loss you want to follow a route that is stress free and painless, which is why being able to find a weight loss supplement that can offer you long term weight loss results is so important.

Especially when the other common alternative is surgery.

Look on the web and you will commonly find 4 types of weight loss… Continue

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