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June 2012 Blog Posts (26)

The Language of Healthcare: When Did Patients Become Outcomes?

For some time I've been thinking about the language of healthcare. We all talk about taking the industry in a more patient-centric direction, but the language we use is anything but patient-friendly. At times, it isn't even physician-friendly. I remember interviewing physicians as a part of a study I was conducting for an ACO (acronyms are even less…


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Social Media FOMO: Another Infographic (the trend continues)

Social Media FOMO: The fear of missing out, created in large part by our ability to see everything that's happening in the lives of our friends and colleagues, thanks to social media. Now that we have access to more information than ever, we also know more about what's going on around us - and occasionally without us! And there are insecurities that pop up as we view others' interaction on social media ("Why didn't she list me on her #FF tweet!").

This infographic from TimeRazor…


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MedCity Converge Summit for Healthcare Innovation, July 10, 2012

MedCity Convergeis being bill as one-of-a-kind gathering of the most innovative minds in healthcare today. It takes place on July 10, 21o2 in Philadelphia at the Hyatt at the Bellevue. Like most conferences, there will be keynote presentations and breakout session…


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A Doctor's Dilemma: Read This Book by Dale Coy, M.D.

Last Saturday afternoon I read Morton's Fork: A Doctor's Dilemmaby Dale Coy, M.D. (Morton's Fork is a logical dilemma in which people are faced with two equally bad options.) It took about four hours to read. I tore through it despite the fact that it was at times painful to…


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A New Collection of Healthcare Print Ads

In the past I have shared hospital print ads that I've clipped from magazines as I travel around the country on business. Once I featured a collection of ads from Our State Magazine in North Carolina. It's a great publication with unbelievable photography. As I was thumbing through this month's issue, I noticed several healthcare ads (not all hospital…


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Stanford School of Medicine Shares the Patient's Perspective

A new series of articles on Stanford's award winning Scope Blog shares the unique stories of patients affected by serious and often rare diseases, told in their own words. This patient-focused series is being presented through a partnership with Inspire, a company that builds and manages…


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The Global Awards for Healthcare Communications: Call for Entries

Last week I received the annual call for entries from The Global Awards - one of the premier award shows for healthcare communications. The Globals receive entries from healthcare corporations, hospitals and education groups as well as from advertising agencies, design studios and production companies. It is a truly international competition. I'll warn you in…


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Digital Media and Healthcare Providers: Infographic

My friends at Enspektos contacted me last week about their new infographic - Digital Media and Healthcare Providers: What They Believe | What They Do. Based on a study conducted by Enspektos, the infographic explores how health providers perceive and use digital and social media technologies. It also compares and contrasts physician online activities…


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Are Med Students Learning What They Need to Know About Social Media?

As social media and social networks have increased in popularity over the last several years, so has the importance of being cautious when posting information online via personal social media accounts. An article…


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Aimia Identifies Six Distinct Social Media Personas

It is common knowledge that not everyone active in the realm of social media participates in the same way. Some access their accounts daily and interact with brand campaign initiatives on a consistent basis while others only browse for brief periods of time before disengaging. Whichever the case, Aimia, a global leader in loyalty management, has published…


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Happy Father's Day Dad, From Dr. Kevorkian

(For context, Jack Kevorkian, M.D. was a pathologist who was famous (or infamous) for assisting terminal patients' death through physician-assisted suicide. He passed away in June of 2011. Okay, you knew all of that, but some people may not have. Give me a break, it's Father's Day.)

About 10 years ago, my wonderful, aging father fell off a ladder onto a concrete floor and shattered his hip. I still remember getting the phone call from my mother as he was being loaded into the…


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Regina's Art: I Don't Have The Words...

Regina Holliday is one of the people in healthcare whose work truly impacts me. I've never met her in person, but I have followed her online for some time. There aren't words to describe Regina's work as a patient rights advocate/artists. She is probably best known right now for The Walking Gallery - a walking wall of over 148 individuals who wear personal patient narrative paintings on their backs while attending industry conferences and events. When I attended the Mayo Ragan Healthcare…


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ProPublica's "Patient Harm Community" on Facebook

Lately, much of the conversation within the medical sphere has been focused on the topic of how safe hospitals are for their patients. Groups like Leapfrog, as recently as last month, have released hospital “report cards,” in which they report the level of quality and safety of 2,652 hospitals around the…


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The EMR Effect: New Infographic

Once again the folks from PowerDMS Suite have contacted me about the healthcare infographics they’re producing. PowerDMS Suite is a a policy and procedure management software company. Below is their most recent infographic on the topic of the transformative power of electronic medical records (EMRs).

When I think about EMRs, I think back to my last…


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Population Care Coordinators: Coming to a Practice Near You.

For the last several days I've been researching an innovative program by Horizon Healthcare Innovations, a subsidiary of Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey, challenged with transforming New Jersey's healthcare delivery system. I've been learning about the Population Care Coordinator Program that Horizon developed in partnership with the Duke…


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Why Social Media Works In Service Line Promotion

Basic to your understanding of Marketing are the four elements of a marketing mix, called the 4P's: product, price, place, promotion. The fourth, promotion, is what healthcare marketers are usually asked to do for a service line. Promotion is the link between sellers and buyers for the purpose of…


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Patient Anxiety in the Physician's Office

A recent article in the New York Times titled "Afraid to Speak Up at the Doctor's Office," describes the fear and discomfort that some patients experience in the…


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Wexner Medical Center Launches 1st Statewide Ad Campaign

I've written a lot lately about the growing importance of video in healthcare marketing. Well here's another great example.

According to a recent article published by the Columbus…


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The Digital Divide In Rural Healthcare Marketing

If you’re in charge of making the marketing decisions for your small market healthcare facility, you’ve likely confronted the question of digital vs. traditional media in allocating your ad budget.

Which approach will best reach your market? How much of your budget should be allocated to each? And which form of media will produce better results?

The answer is—it depends on who your market is.

Rural Markets In A Digital Gap

Adults age 65 and over, and those…


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My Kingdom for a Primary Care Physician

(Warning: I don't normally use my blog to talk about my own health, or interactions with my healthcare providers. So this post is unusual in that regard, and for some of you may fall into the category of TMI. If so, you are welcome to move on. No hard feelings.)

I am a healthcare marketer - in and out of hospitals and in meetings with physicians on a…


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