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July 2012 Blog Posts (18)

More on the ROI of the Social Physician

After yesterday's rant about the ROI and benefits of the socially engaged physician, I thought I would post links to a few blog posts and articles on the subject. They all speak to the physician's perspective on the benefits of engaging patients via social media platforms. Enjoy!

  • Fierce Practice Management, "…

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The ROI for Physicans Active in Social Media? Other Benefits?

Last Friday night I was flying back from a consulting assignment with a health system in New England, and killing time in the Baltimore airport thanks to a weather delay. When checking my Hootsuite account, I noticed that someone called @TheHappyMD sent me an unsolicited tweet asking me to check out information on physician burnout. (see tweet below)



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What if Healthcare Were Made Simpler?

Healthcare can be complex and intimidating. There is so much for patients to navigate. As I documented in an earlier blog post, I just spent two weeks trying to identify and book an appointment with a new primary care physician. It was a significant challenge finding a physician with an open patient panel and then trying to get someone one from the…


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What Will Become of the Future Physician?

It may seem like a strange question. To be honest, it's not my question at all - although I am curious about the subject. The question was posed recently in a blog post by Dr. Bryan Vartabedian. Given all the changes we are witnessing in the way patients access health information, it is a question worthy of contemplation.

In his…


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Stating the Obvious: Physicians Should Engage Online

Farris Timimi, M.D, Discusses the Role and Use of Social Media in Healthcare

In the video below, Dr. Timimi shares that meeting the needs of today's patient requires adjusting to the new standard of physician-patient relationship. "I think what we're all seeing is a change in the relationship between patients and providers. The typical compact that we knew 20 years ago, where the provider guided therapy on their own, I think all of us are aware that's no longer the case. There's…


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BCBS of Rhode Island Pummeled in Print Campaign

Wow. Landmark Medical Center and Steward Health Care have taken their gloves off in an ad campaign targeting Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island. I'm no stranger to battles with the Blues, and I certainly appreciate the position that Landmark finds itself facing. What's remarkable about Landmark's approach is its willingness to openly wage war with BCBS in a public forum. Of course, Landmark is battling for its life (and Steward wants to buy Landmark if it can negotiate a more favorable…


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Sometimes Marketers Just Can't Be Restrained; Shameless Self-Promotion

A week ago I wrote a post titled "Walking the Self-Promotion Tightrope." With social media it's important to strike a balance between promoting your company or hospital and sharing information that your audience will find interesting and engaging. In my blog, I work hard to vary the content and only promote my firm's work when…


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What Healthcare Marketers Can Learn From

My bet is that most of you are familiar with It is an internet dating site where singles can meet their perfect match. Lately I've been intrigued by TV commercials promoting a new aspect of - The Stir. These are real life events and mixers sponsored by Here's how they describe The Stir on their blog: is…

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Are Your Physicians Prescribing Mobile Apps?

"Download this app and call me in the morning."

A new type of prescription developing within the field of healthcare is reaffirming the impact that technology is having on medicine. In a recent Information HealthCare…


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Is Your City Teaming With Creative Types? How About Your Hospital?

What's all the hype about creative types? The rise of the creative class has become a very trendy topic in recent years, and unlike many topics that generate buzz, it seems to be an important trend that impacts the economy and quality of life within communities. As an employer of marketing professionals, it is also a huge advantage having a bevy of creatives wandering about. Why is there so much hype about the rise of the creative class? Well, the creative class is a catalyst. It helps to…


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It's Cheaper. It's Better. So Why Aren't We Eating Healthy?

According to an article published by Ragan’s Health Care Communication News, it is apparent that many consumers have a jaded perspective when it comes to eating healthy foods. The article, “The truth about eating healthy for patients,” suggests…


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Walking the Self-Promotion Tightrope

There are more vehicles than ever for promoting an organization's services. In my case, a healthcare marketing firm- in your case we might be talking about a hospital or a medical practice. Yet marketing an organization has become more challenging than ever and requires a nimble touch. Here's what I mean:

  • Blogs are great for reaching an audience, for positioning a company as a thought leader, and for…

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Do Hospital Blogs Lose Credibility by Accepting Paid Advertising?

Earlier this year, Mayo Clinic received some fairly harsh criticism for accepting paid advertising on its blog. You can read one example of that criticism in an…


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Pinterest's Relevance to Healthcare

In February 2012 I wrote a post about "Pinterest for Healthcare Marketers." At the time, my head was spinning with the thought of yet another social media platform that was too hot to ignore! I'm not one…


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Top 5 Reasons to Include Patient Education in the Pharma Marketing Mix

With tight budgets and aggressive brand goals, marketers needs to take a close look at what drives sales for a pharma brand. Why should patient…


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A Way to Lower Costs and Drive Profitable Patient Volume

This is another example of a way you can build genuine interactive relationships with the community while lowering costs and driving high-contribution business.

Most everyone goes through the ER on the way out of this life. It is a huge expense to us (the…


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A Simpler Time for Healthcare in America?

The other day I got caught up viewing healthcare related TV commercials from the 50s and early 60s. Some might say it was a simpler time in healthcare. But was it really? Ronald Reaganwas busy speaking out again the evils of socialized medicine; the Kaiser Foundation was introducing the hospital of tomorrow; and the government was producing public service announcements…


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No More Medical Gag Orders; No Silencing Patients

In March 2009 I wrote a blog post titled "Doctors Block Critical Comments by Patients." yes, that was a very long time ago. The post was about the extreme steps some physicians were/are taking to keep their dissatisfied patients from writing about them online – in blogs, social communities or through established outlets like…


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