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August 2012 Blog Posts (18)

The Slow Medicine Movement: My Mother, Your Mother

You've probably heard of the slow food movement. Well, there are some in healthcare who are calling for "slow medicine." I've seen the term over the years, but never really paid much attention, until I saw an old blog post by Kent Bottles, MD on the Healthcare Blog. Here's how Kent introduces the topic of Slow Medicine in his post:

"Slow medicine is practiced by a…

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The Most Popular Ways to Market Your Anesthesiology Practice

Anesthesiologists today face an acute shortage of patients due to increasing competition from neurologists, neurosurgeons, physiatrists, and fellow anesthesiologists. They are in a crisis on how to increase caseload and revenue. Anesthesia can be a tricky medical specialty to run if not marketed correctly. As an anesthesiologist, you do not have time to design complex marketing strategies. Instead, it…


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HealthCamp Boston: September 14, 2012

Less than a month from now, smart healthcare professionals from all over New England will gather in Boston for an unConference. HealthCamp Boston is a forum for people with interest in all areas of health and wellness to gather, to…


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Call for Speakers: Physician Strategies Summit - August 31, 2012

Yesterday I received a reminder email that speaker submissions for the Physician Strategies Summit are due by August 31, 2012 (that's the extended deadline). If you're not familiar with this conference, the Physician Strategies Summit (11th Annual) is an opportunity for senior executives actively involved in the design and implementation of physician…


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Communicating with Women about Heart Disease

My friends at Spirit of Women (not a client; no affiliation) recently published a blog post on the topic of communicating with women about cardiovascular-related diseases. As you probably know, heart disease is the number one killer of women. Spirit of Women's focus is on bridging the very real gap in cardiovascular care for women (I believe there's a cardiovascular communication gap that needs to be closed). To that end, Spirit's sister company, HeartCaring, has published a white paper…


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HealthCare Social Media Review #11

Welcome to the 11th installment of the HealthCare Social Media Review, the blog circus that features the latest posts and thought leadership from some of the leading bloggers in our business. This week's theme is "the role of disruptive thinking in healthcare social media." My thanks to all of you who submitted posts for this edition, and to David Harlow and Joan Justice (HCSM Review Sherpas) for guiding me through this process.

Now that I've dispensed with the formalities, let's get…


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Effective Physician Practice Growth By Internet Marketing

Fierce competition in the healthcare industry has forced physicians to move toward more dominating and result- driven Internet marketing. While traditional marketing avenues like television and radio have been the first choice for doctors, the accretion of the Internet has meant medical professionals need to be more Internet-savvy. With a significant amount of patients browsing the Internet frequently to…


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NJ Hospital Launches TV Campaign Featuring Kelly Ripa

My client, Cooper University Hospital in Camden, NJ, has launched a new series of television spots promoting heart, oncology and orthopedic services. (Jennings Health developed these commercials.) The commercials feature celebrity spokesperson and Camden County native Kelly…


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Call for Submissions: HCSM Review #11, August 22nd Edition

Some people win Olympic Medals; I get to host the next edition of HCSM Review on my Healthcare Marketer Blog! That's right folks. On Wednesday, August 22, 2012, Edition #11 of HCSM Review will go live on my blog and I need your help. Please submit…


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Infographic: The Science of Whooping Cough

Yesterday, Libby Mead, Social Media and Marketing Manager of Killer Infographics, sent me a link to this infographic: The Science of Whooping Cough. I found it to be informative and decided to share it in this forum. Infographics have become an interesting way to communicate health information, particularly using tools like Pinterest to share them with…


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Online Review Tracking Tool for Physicians

The folks at MDWebPro (Digital Solutions, Inc.) contacted me a couple of weeks ago via Twitter, asking if I would consider taking a look at their patient review tracking tool. They have introduced a free "patient monitoring tool" for physicians. (In this age…


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Health Journalism 2013 Conference Lands in Boston

Here's a conference calendar announcement: Health Journalism 2013, the annual conference of the Association of Health Care Journalists, will take place in Boston next year, AHCJ has just announced. (They recently held Health Journalism 2012 in Atlanta.)…


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The Top Do's and Don'ts of Value Communication

The newest member of the BaseCase team, Paul Mernagh, has compiled his top 10 list of do’s and don’ts when it comes to value communication based on his extensive experience as a health economist.

After a 10 year career in health economics, I learnt the importance of extracting clear value messages from complex data. With a key interest in evidence communication I have decided to share my insight with the BaseCase community.

When your scientific and economic data is…


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A new trend on the horizon? HEOR integration with eDetailing tools

In a time of increasing economic pressure and heightened demands on payers, face-to-face meetings have come under scrutiny. Although most would never argue their necessity, all would agree they must become more efficient. As a result of the current expensive and time consuming sales models, payers are reacting by offering reps limited time and in some cases, refusing to see them.

HEOR Models Integrated into BaseCase eDetailing Apps


eDetailing tools as support mechanisms for…


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Think Global, Act Local - Country Adaptations for Market Success

One key challenge pharma and device companies face is how to adapt marketing and communication tools to suit local needs. Whether tailoring presentations to country-specific stakeholders or aligning models to local cost and pricing structures, there is an ever increasing need to adapt tools to unique settings. Pharma and device firms may currently rely on global branding strategies which are beneficial as they provide consistency, are more easily measured, and often more time and cost…


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Closed-Loop Marketing; Closing the Gap for Pharma

Although the concept of Closed-Loop Marketing (CLM) has been around in the pharmaceutical industry for years, it has been the introduction of new detailing technologies and pharma’s shift to a customer-centric model that has brought new life to the concept. With increased pressure from payers and physicians, pharma needs to be better than ever to engage potential customers.

How does the…


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Another Batch of Healthcare Print Ads

Occasionally I will post collections of print ads that I've gathered while traveling around the country. The latest batch (below) has a little bit of everything - the good and the not so good. I rarely comment on the ads that I share, leaving the commentary to you. This time I will break with tradition. What I have to say is this: If you create ads with physicians in them, do it with a purpose and a strong concept. Photos of doctors (grouped together or featured individually) don't mean…


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The Happy MD Responds: Physician Social Media

Yesterday Dike Drummond, M.D., responded to my blog post about the ROI for physicians engaged in social media. Rather than bury his response as a comment, I thought I'd feature it here as a guest post. His response is thoughtful and provides context for our conversation. Take a look:…


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