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September 2008 Blog Posts (14)

The 14th National Forum on Customer-Based Marketing Strategies

Last week I had the pleasure to speak with Judy Neiman, president of the Forum for Healthcare Strategists. Judy and I spoke about her plans for the upcoming 14th National Forum on Customer-Based Marketing Strategies. The conference will take place in Las Vegas on February 4 - 6, 2009. I was a speaker at last year's conference and thoroughly enjoyed the experience, particularly a key note speech by Shel Holtz of Holtz Communication + Technology.… Continue

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The Economic Health of Online Health Sites

There is an interesting piece in today's Media Post Online Media Daily eNewsletter about the potential impact of the current economic crisis on online health sites. Click here to access the story. According to the story, one of the keys to the ongoing success of these sites (Revolution Health, Web MD, AOL Health, Everyday Health, etc.) is the continued growth of online ad… Continue

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Are You Prepared to Talk About Nuclear Waste at Your Hospital?

On September 25, there was an AP story about nuclear waste piling up at hospitals around the country. Here’s the link to the story. If you’re a healthcare marketer, you’re going to want to pay attention to this issue and find out how your hospital is handling radioactive waste; and figure it out before a reporter from your local paper calls!

According to the story, “Tubes, capsules and pellets of… Continue

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Consumers Hungry for Online Healthcare Information

According to a recent report release by comScore, Inc., Internet use for health information is growing at four times the rate of the total Internet. The category grew 21% over the past year with Web MD leading the field with 17.3 million visitors in July. Everyday Health, Revolution Health and… Continue

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Infection Control Still Out of Control

Yesterday in my Daily Dose enewsblast from Modern Healthcare, there was an interesting article about a new survey released by the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology. Based on their findings, the organization is calling for enhanced management and physician leadership in the area of infection control. This is a critical patient safety issue and it appears that many are… Continue

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Starbucks and GOOD Health Care

You may have noticed in your neighborhood Starbucks location a POP display containing small square pamphlets. Every Thursday, Starbucks distributes a new issue of The Good Sheet. This non-partisan series of small publications explores major issues facing the electorate as we prepare to cast our votes in November. The expressed goal of The Good Sheet is to help individuals make informed decisions when they vote. Each Good Sheet deals with a… Continue

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The Weak Link in Healthcare Marketing: Service Delivery

You can do your job magnificently, work 60 hours a week, and build your hospital’s brand stature in the marketplace and it is all meaningless when the patient shows up and doesn’t have a good experience. All the marketing in the world is for not if the caregivers fail to deliver a quality experience. That’s exactly what happens each day in clinics, hospitals and physician’s offices across the country. As marketers we are over-promising and under-delivering because, when push comes to shove, we… Continue

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How Wise are the Masses? SHSMD Conference Update 9-19-08

One of the statements that I clearly remember from Andrew Keen’s presentation yesterday at the SHSMD Conference was: “The masses aren’t necessarily wise.” He said this in the context of arguing against the Web 2.0 phenomenon and its democratizing effect.

As I pondered this statement last night, it occurred to me that this is something that many of the founding fathers of this nation (US) would have agreed with. They feared the power of a passionate mob and intentionally designed a… Continue

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Is Web 2.0 Assaulting Our Culture? Today at the SHSMD Conference 9/18/08

I attended the opening presentation this morning, a general session featuring speaker and author Andrew Keen. The title of the talk was Web 2.0: How today’s Internet is Assaulting Our Culture. A pretty provocative title! Andrew is a well-known technology critic - although he points out that he is not critiquing the technology, just its application. He’s known as the “The Anti-Christ of Silicon Valley.” His book… Continue

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Today at the SHSMD Conference - 9/17/08

I left North Carolina at 6am this morning (4am wake-up call) and arrived in San Francisco at 11am local time. After checking into the hotel and responding to email, I headed down to the conference floors to register and learn my way around.

I checked into the conference, got my name badget and the obligatory tote bag, and turned to head out for a bite to eat. Out of the blue, a guy I've never met before intercepted me and asked if I was Dan Dunlop. He told me that he recognized me… Continue

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Healthcare Marketing Awards Overview

This week I am presenting at the Annual SHSMD Conference. My talk covers a number of different ways to promote and gain recognition for your work. One of those involves entering the work in healthcare marketing awards competitions. This post gives many of the details from that presentation in a form that visitors can print and use as an ongoing resource. Enjoy!

It seems as though I get a mailer at least once a week from some new awards competition… Continue

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The Latest Issue of Healthcare Marketing Advisor

Today I received the latest edition of Healthcare Marketing Advisor. I have a special interest in this issue because I was interviewed by Marianne Aiello for a story she was putting together about hospitals use of social media for internal communication. When she heard from a colleague that we had just launched a Facebook site for one of our clients (Lexington Medical Center in West Columbia, SC), she gave… Continue

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The NESHCo Conference and Patient Safety

In October I will be a keynote speaker at the Fall Institute of the New England Society for Healthcare Communicators. The conference takes place October 15 - 17 in Westbrook, Connecticut. Brooke Tyson Hynes and I will speak about marketing patient safety within the hospital setting. Brooke is the vice president of marketing at Tufts Medical Center in Boston. Together we have rolled out an incredible hand hygiene program at Tufts and significantly impacted… Continue

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The Implications of Newspaper Staff Reductions

Across the country newspapers are laying off employees in record numbers. In North Carolina, both The Charlotte Observer and The News & Observer (Raleigh) have announced significant staff reductions. The News & Observer is offering volunteer buyouts to nearly 40% of its staff. This comes on the heals of the newspaper cutting 70 positions in June.

What does this mean… Continue

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