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December 2010 Blog Posts (15)

Making QR codes work for you

From the CPM Marketing Group blog: …


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This Healthcare Marketer's Letter to Santa

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Holiday Fun, Viral Marketing Style

The Elf Yourself promotion from Office Max has been around for a few years now, but I still love it! Something about these video promotions brings out the kid in me. Check out the video below of yours truly in full holiday splendor. I dedicate the video to my friends Chris Boyer, Chris Bevolo and Jim Rattray! Go to to create your own video! Happy Holidays! …


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Smarter Healthcare Technologies

The healthcare industry is full of innovative technologies. And no, this post is not going to discuss iPhones and iPads and their application in healthcare. We've heard enough about that for now. Mashable recently ran a video feature titled “5 Innovative Technologies Changing Health Care.” The video highlights five technologies that are improving healthcare. I encourage you to read about the technologies and watch the videos that accompany the narrative:…


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Debunking Social Media Myths for Regulated Businesses

Shannon Paul, social media manager for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, wrote an interesting post recently about three myths stopping regulated businesses, such as healthcare and pharmaceutical companies, from embracing social media.

Shannon says that there is always a creative way for a regulatory business to achieve its end result while staying within the regulatory guidelines. She adds that most of the frustrating elements are the same across industries, although it is sometimes…


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Physicians Unhappy With Online Rating System

With online rating services evaluating everything from restaurants to college professors to physicians, it leads one to question who are actually writing these reviews and are they credible. An article in the Chicago Tribune earlier this month explored this question. Within the article, doctors say medical reviews are not only scarce, but also often unfair and unreliable. I encourage you read the story written by Julie Deardorff:…


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New York Times Updates Hyperlink Feature

For those of you who read my blog regularly, you are probably aware that I am a fan of the The New York Times. It is a great source of information and they do a decent job of cover health issues. Well, now I am an even bigger fan! The Times has updated its hyperlink feature, allowing users to link to and highlight specific sentences and paragraphs in its online stories. This will certainly be a great tool for bloggers like myself as we provide links for our…


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Meet The Social Physician

A recently released white paper titled “The Social Physician” interviews 10 physicians from across the country with varying specialties who have taken the plunge into the world of social media. The white paper found that more doctors than we think are actively engaging in social media to communicate with patients. Author Bunny Ellerin of Ellerin HealthMedia explains that “the emergence of social media has opened doors – not only between marketers and physicians, but also between physicians…


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The Social Hospital

Mark Williams recently wrote a terrific blog post titled “A Social Hospital is a Healthy Hospital.” I love the title (wish I thought of it first). In the post he discusses how hospitals can become thought leaders and conversation starters using social media. It is a really well thought-out piece. For those of you not familiar with Mark, he is a senior media strategist at Berry Network and a 25-year veteran of creative marketing with an emphasis on B2B marketing. Check out Mark’s post at… Continue

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Moving from Consumer to Patient: The Engagement Continuum

In the blogosphere there’s been a lot of talk about whether patients should be considered consumers/customers. There have been good arguments on both sides. In a recent DCPatient article titled, “Consumers v Patients,” the author describes the distinct differences between consumers and patients in the healthcare industry. I encourage you to check out the article here:… Continue

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Media plan, meet CRM

(Originally posted on the CPM Blog at

Media buying is often one of the highest budget items in a hospital’s marketing plan. So, without a doubt, creating the most impactful and efficient media plan is important. That’s where a CRM database can make a big difference. This week, I talked with our media strategist Jill Weigel about how we use the database to create a better media plan.…


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Don't Overlook the Baby Boomers

As a marketer, why in the world would you overlook the Baby Boomer generation? According to a recent article in USA Today, “as Baby Boomers are aging and accumulating wealth, their spending is growing at a pace that’s leaving younger generations far behind.” The article, authored by Bruce Horovitz, describes how the Baby Boomer generation is turning marketers’ assumptions upside down. I encourage you to check out Bruce’s thoughtful article:… Continue

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28th Annual Healthcare Advertising Awards

Earlier this week I received an email announcing the submission deadlines for the 28th Annual Healthcare Advertising Awards. Presented by the folks at Healthcare Marketing Report, the Healthcare Advertising Awards competition is the premier contest in our industry.This should be quickly followed by the… Continue

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CHPRMS Day 2 Highlight: Chris Bevolo's Magical Measurement Elixir

The thought of a presentation on measurement at 9:30am may put dread in the hearts of some people - even dedicated healthcare marketers faithfully attending their annual conference. But today, the folks at the annual conference of the Carolinas Healthcare Public Relations & Marketing Society (CHPRMS) were… Continue

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CHPRMS Day 1 Highlight: Chris Boyer

Today's keynote speaker at the CHPRMS annual conference was Chris Boyer of Inova Health where he serves as the senior manager for digital communications. I've known Chris for years via social media but this was our first opportunity to connect in person. It seems that our conference schedules are completely opposite one another. So it was such a pleasure to meet my old friend in person over breakfast this morning. It was truly like catching up with an old friend. Chris' passion as a marketer is… Continue

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