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December 2011 Blog Posts (19)

Target Incites Breast-Feeding Flash Mob - Update

Earlier this week I wrote a post about the breast-feeding flash mobs that assemble at Target stores around the country in protest of the retailer's alleged mistreatment of women who breast-feed openly in its stores. As an update to that post, I have included a video (see below) that documents the intriguing event through photos.

It goes without saying that the nurse-in garnered a great deal of attention. What we don't know is if it will have any impact of Target and its treatment of…


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This Retreat Is Moving Forward: The Brattleboro Retreat

On December 28, 2011, HealthLeaders Media published a story written by Marianne Aiello about The Brattleboro Retreat and the resurgence of its brand after a failed attempt at re-branding via a name change. The Retreat, a mental health and addiction treatment center in Brattleboro, Vermont (a town I once called home!), has a history that dates back to 1834. That is…


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My Most Read Posts In 2011

After writing more than 200 posts this year, here is the list (with links) of my most read/viewed blog posts of 2011. It is an interesting mix of stories. I can't wait to see what 2012 brings us.

iPad EMR Apps: A Guide to Electronic Medical Records…

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Breast-Feeding Flash Mob at a Target Store Near You!

This blog post definitely falls under the category of "Who Knew." According to a report I read on, women in at least 35 states across America are staging breast-feeding "nurse-ins" at Target stores today at 10am to protest the mistreatment of a nursing mom in its Webster, Texas, store. The protests are also in response to a broader perception that Target is generally inhospitable to women who choose to nurse pubicly in its stores. You can read the details of the alleged mistreatment…


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How to Attract Patients & Keep Them (Healthy) with Social Media

Guest Post by Katie Matlack, Medical Market Analyst, Software Advice

An interesting article over at Software Advice discusses ways doctors can use social media to enhance the practice of medicine. You may have heard about the September survey from QuantiaMD and the Care Continuum Alliance, which…


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To Grandmother's House We Go: Holiday Travel & Electronic Devices

This holiday season, as my family traveled to Pensacola, Florida to spend a couple days with my parents, I had a revelation about the role electronic devices have come to play in our lives. There were three of us in Santa's Sleigh (US Airways Jet) flying to Pensacola: My wife, daughter and myself. And what did our collection of electronic devices look like:

  • 3 Laptop Computers (1 MacBook Pro and 2 Dell Laptops)
  • 4 Cell Phones (3 smartphones, 1 not very smart…

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"The Doctor as Poet" - NY Times Article

Many changes that will occur in healthcare will find their origins in our medical schools. That's why articles like the one written by Pauline Chen, M.D. capture my imagination and inspire hope for the future of healthcare. Dr. Chen's New York Times article, "The Doctor as Poet," tells the story of a poetry contest held by Yale University School of Medicine and…


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What Healthcare Marketers Can Learn From Rudolph

Here are a few things that healthcare marketers and communicators can learn from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer:

  1. Sometimes you just aren't appreciated until there's a crisis. It might take a winter storm for your leadership to recognize your value and the value of the communication tools you've built. Are you prepared for your version…

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29th Healthcare Advertising Awards: Call for Entries

I recently received the call for entries for the 29th Annual Healthcare Advertising Awards, sponsored by Healthcare Marketing Report. My firm and our hospital clients enter this competition each year. It is definitely one of the oldest and most respected competitions in our industry. Last year…


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December Issue: Healthcare Marketing Report

(Warning: This post should be filed under the "shameless self promotion" category.) In the December 2011 issue of Healthcare Marketing Report, I contributed an article titled "The Professional Development Imperative." If you don't already subscribe to HMR, I definitely recommend it. Richard…


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#MDChat: Join the Conversation or Just Observe

Do you want to know what docs are thinking about hot topics?

Twitter can be a helpful resource since it allows you to be a spectator. A prime example is the hashtag #MDChat. Every Tuesday night, doctors have a live Twitter chat. (Although there are interesting posts using the hashtag 24/7).

All you have to do in order to observe is to go to…


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Veterans Health Administration Recruitment Campaign

Although this campaign has been around for a couple of years now, it still gets my attention each time one of the spots airs. Below I've embedded a video that gives you a behind the scenes look at the making of the campaign along with some background into the recruiting needs of the VA. I'd love to hear what you think of the spots!…


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#CHPRMS Twitter Transcript from Day One Afternoon Sessions

I believe that everyone attending the CHPRMS conference fully enjoyed day one. The presentations that I attended were terrific and there was a ton of networking taking place. The highlight of the day was when it started to snow at around 6pm.

For me, it was wonderful to catch up with so many of my healthcare marketing colleagues from throughout the Carolinas: Michele Affronte, Jennifer Wilson, Margaret Gregory, Andre LaCroix, Amanda Brasier, Vicki Stevens and so many more. The group…


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Twitter Chatter at a Regional Healthcare Marketing Conference: #CHPRMS

Here's a quick look at the initial Twitter chatter at the CHPRMS conference. It looks like approximately 23 people have tweeted so far. In the report below you can see the impressions generated by each individual. For context, we're only a couple of hours into the first day of the conference - a gathering of nearly 200 hospital marketers and communicators.

Here's the Twitter transcript from TweetReach:…


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The End Of Healthcare As We Know It

The 800 pound gorilla has now decided they will dominate primary care. Walmart says they are going to "become the largest provider of healthcare services in the nation."

Don't even act like you are surprised.

This was inevitable. If…


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Join Me This Week at CHPRMS: Blogging & Tweeting

Beginning this Wednesday, I will be attending the annual Fall Conference of the Carolinas Healthcare Public Relations and Marketing Society (CHPRMS) in Asheville, North Carolina at the historic Grove Park Inn. On Wednesday, I'll be leading a roundtable discussion on the use of blogs within healthcare marketing. Of course, all day Wednesday and Thursday you can…


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SHSMD Connections 2012 Call for Speakers

Last week I received the Call for Speakers for the Annual Conference of the Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development (SHSMD). The 2012 Conference will take place in Philadelphia, September 19-22.

The speakers submission deadline is January 13, 2012. Here' the URL for electronic submission:…


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To Attract Patients, Help Patients Embrace The Future

To attract new patient volume, consumers need to believe that your organization is interested in their long-term health, not just trying to sell them your contribution-rich procedures. As a hospital or practice, you have to live out your mission.



In a…


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Introducing a New Health System Brand: Vidant Health

For more than a decade, University Health Systems has been a fixture in eastern North Carolina. Over the course of the last 12 years, the organization has quietly assembled a number of component parts that, when channeled together, create a health system with amazing potential for impacting the lives of the 1.4 million people it serves. Today, University Health Systems has 11,000 employees, hundreds of primary care physicians and specialists, 10 hospitals (including an academic medical…


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