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Mobile Website for Physicians

medical mobile website design You have just created your medical website, and are waiting for the traffic statistics. The next day, all you see people accessing a website from a smartphone, reading intently. Your website traffic stays at the same level. Smartphones are being bought faster than junk food, and visitors accessing mobile version of websites is unexpectedly high. The content on the two versions may be similar, but is slightly modified for the smartphones.

The digital audience has its own…


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Dentist Marketing Plan for Your Practice

A cosmetic dentist should first identify their strengths and weaknesses. Your patient comes to you for reason. The dental practice provides relief. Dentists may have experience in veneer or enhancing a smile. The patients visit them for their reputation. The weaknesses are disadvantages due to which the patient may avoid a visit. The location of clinic may be a problem or there may be a long waiting time.

Dentist marketing is also about finding opportunities. You can hold insurance…


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Dental Marketing Ideas for New Patients

Dental marketing is important to your achievements. With increasing opposition among dentists regarding cosmetic, reconstructive along with implant cases, and many general dentists at this point performing periodontal, endodontic along with orthodontic procedures, it’s getting increasingly challenging for dental care…


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Most Effective Dental Practice Marketing Ways

In today’s competitive landscape and the unique state of the economy growing your dental practice is not as easy as it might have been a decade ago. Marketing a dental practice is now a task that is no longer optional. There are several ways that dentists and practice owners can do marketing to generate more new patients:

1. External marketing for dentists: Print publications, community outreach, etc.

2. Internal marketing for dentists: Posters of new/additional…


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Online Reputation Management for Doctors or Physicians by myPracticeReputation™

What are the Costs of a Bad Review?

With myPracticeReputation, you don’t have to find out.

Online reviews have become a major concern for many doctors, dentists and healthcare practitioners. Patients are writing reviews more than ever. And the number of platforms to facilitate these reviews is growing rapidly.

Review websites such as Google+, Yelp, and are among the ones with the highest visits and traffic. Be proactive in monitoring and…


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How to Market Your Dental Practice

In the event that you move toward advertising and pushing your dental practice, quit taking on a similar mindset as a dental specialist and be like a patient rather. Approach this thing from your customer's perspective. Put yourself in your patient's shoes and consider, What might make me result in these present circumstances specific dental center?

Get a pen and paper and head down to your staging phase. Think about the things that your patients need or require from you being…


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Medical Practice Marketing Tip of the Month

Now that over 150 million American Internet users are looking for healthcare information online, just having a website is no longer enough. To make your website work for you, avoid these five common design and development mistakes:

Slow-Opening Home Page – If it takes longer than 3 seconds to open, it’s too slow by today’s web standards. Avoid complex moving imagery and long content that forces the user to scroll to read it all.

Too Much Text – We live in a bullet-point,…


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Physical Therapy Practice Marketing & Advertising Solutions

Protect Your Physical Therapy Practice Against Competition and Increase Your Revenue

Today, physical therapists face challenges as never before. Whether it is competition for referrals or a struggle against declining reimbursements, more and more physical therapists have come to understand that effective physical therapy…


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Practice Marketing Ideas for Physicians

Operating a medical practice can be a money-spinning business, but when patients have lots to choose from, standing out among competitors can become a challenge. The success of your practice depends how well you bring new patients and keep the existing ones. Gone are those days where physicians could simply rely on word of mouth. Changes in demand for physician services have made a positive…


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Internet Marketing for Doctors

Online marketing has emerged as one of the newer passages to successful marketing. Apparels, shoes, groceries, electronics are some of many businesses that have profited from online marketing. With rather steady pace, healthcare industry is starting to explore this avenue. Thanks to the technical developments and millions of internet users, physicians are now able to reach those corners of the world, which they were previously unable. Internet has helped them immensely providing consistent…


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The Most Popular Ways to Market Your Anesthesiology Practice

Anesthesiologists today face an acute shortage of patients due to increasing competition from neurologists, neurosurgeons, physiatrists, and fellow anesthesiologists. They are in a crisis on how to increase caseload and revenue. Anesthesia can be a tricky medical specialty to run if not marketed correctly. As an anesthesiologist, you do not have time to design complex marketing strategies. Instead, it…


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Effective Physician Practice Growth By Internet Marketing

Fierce competition in the healthcare industry has forced physicians to move toward more dominating and result- driven Internet marketing. While traditional marketing avenues like television and radio have been the first choice for doctors, the accretion of the Internet has meant medical professionals need to be more Internet-savvy. With a significant amount of patients browsing the Internet frequently to…


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Cosmetic Dentistry Marketing Company

Success in any trade, business or exercise of a profession largely depends on the people to whom you are offering your merchandise or services. In any undertaking, you need to consider people—any one of them could be your potential buyer, customer, client or patient. Thus, you need to take steps to make your goods or services known to the general public. It’s up to them if they would seek you out.…


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Cosmetic Dentistry Marketing

Practice Builders has been in the business of marketing and promoting the medical and healthcare practice of many professionals for over 30 years already. Today the company has diversified its areas to include cosmetic dentistry practice.

As a cosmetic dentistry marketing company, Practice Builders offers online dental PR solutions aimed at enhancing the dental brand and reputation of its clients. In addition, the company…


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