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Earlier this week I published a blog post that was critical of the new ad campaign that BCBS of North Carolina has launched. BCBSNC was quick to comment on my post with a thoughtful and well-reasoned response. Although I still stand by my earlier assessment of the campaign, it seems right to share their response and perspective with you. I believe that BCBSNC will be part of the solution; they have to be. But I do not support the tactics they have employed through the use of this ad campaign. It is clever but beneath them and intellectually dishonest. See their official response below. Also, after their response, I have provided links to some of the press coverage of the campaign.
Thank you for visiting and sharing your perspective on your blog. We acknowledge that BCBSNC has a role to play in finding real solutions for reining in medical costs. If we're going to make a difference and address out-of-control costs, we have to start somewhere. The campaign we've launched featuring the scapegoats was a way for us to do that.

We used goats to emphasize that no one group is to blame, but to make it clear that everyone, including us, has a role to play. The humor in these ads helps us make our point and address the complexity of the issue, but we are serious about the need to control medical costs. was developed to hear the voices and opinions of people just like you. I think we can all agree that medical costs are on an unsustainable path. There are a lot of good conversations taking place and I would like to hear your thoughts in the discussions.

Kathy Higgins
VP, Corporate Affairs for BCBSNC
Here are links to some of the press coverage:

"Blue Cross ad campaign looks at health care costs" - News & Observer -

Blue Cross of N.C. campaign focuses on making health care affordable - Charlotte Business Journal -

"Blue Cross ad campaign may get some viewers' goats" - Smart Brief -

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