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Bert Jacobs Rocks as SHSMD's Opening Act

Okay, at this moment my cup runneth over. I am truly overflowing with optimism after spending an hour listening to and laughing with Bert Jacobs. If you don’t know who Bert is, he and his brother founded “Life is Good.” You know, the company that makes the hats, t-shirts and frisbees. They did $120 million last year – selling optimism and all the while giving back to children’s charities. What a cool company and what a great message. And what a pleasure to get to hear it.

Some of the themes from his talk included:

* People need more optimism in their lives
* We need to be more open, less close; more childlike in how we view the world
* We need to be more active
* People crave simplicity
* We can’t live disconnected from nature
* People want to work somewhere that actually contributes positively to the world

This presentation made getting up at 4am today worthwhile! It made the entire trip worthwhile. Everything from this point forward is gravy. Bert was the right selection to kick off this gathering. Kudos to the folks who put the conference together. (Plus, I learned that Bert grew up a Rex Sox fan!) Here are some photos from the presentation:

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Comment by Craig Gagnon on October 1, 2009 at 11:34am
Thanks for sharing. Wish I was there. Sounds like a great opening. Who can argue with his message of optimism - something we all need.

What's attendance like this year?

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