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Healthcare Advertising Awards Winners Announced

Earlier this week when I was in Boston on business, I received an email notifying me that the winners of the Twenty Seventh Annual Healthcare Advertising Awards had been announced and were available online. If you'd like to check out the winners for yourself, go to This national awards competition is produced each year by Healthcare Marketing Report.

My dilemma, when I received this email, was that I was sitting in my hotel room in Boston getting ready to conduct a webinar (on social media in healthcare) and then take part in a client presentation. If I clicked on the link and found out that my firm (Jennings) didn't win any awards this year, I would have been bummed and it might have impacted the energy I brought to my presentations. (I'm sensitive that way.) But then I asked myself, is winning really that important? Who cares about awards? If you know in your heart that you do good work, shouldn't that be enough? The answer is that I do care about awards and here's why: my team and our clients work incredibly hard developing these ad campaigns and marketing programs. They deserve recognition. This is a business where we are constantly taking blows to the ego, and tweaking (watering down) great ideas based on subjective whims of non-marketers - and non-strategic thinkers. We rush deadlines, take shortcuts, produce miracles, and rarely receive positive feedback (both client and agency). So, when the opportunity presents itself for us to receive some recognition within the industry, you can bet that I support that.

Now, I will say that my firm has never won a new account because of the awards we've accumulated over the years. But what the awards do is help with the perception of the quality of work coming out of Jennings. The work is at a certain level to consistently receive recognition. And the awards help to generate a perception and true feeling of momentum. Having our work acknowledged in this way is also a confidence booster - and confidence often is a key ingredient in producing quality, ground breaking work. We don't want to be arrogant, but a little swagger in our business is a good thing.

So yes, I do think awards are important. Over the last couple of years we've cut back on the number of awards submissions due to the recession. Entering these competition (and the sheer number of competitions) can get expensive in a hurry.

That morning in Boston I decided to click on the link and see if my firm and our hospital clients had won any awards. We did. In all we won eleven Healthcare Advertising Awards. What I found most satisfying was winning Gold in the Total Advertising Campaign category (without TV) for our pediatric partnership campaign that we produced for MetroWest Medical Center and Floating Hospital for Children at Tufts Medical Center. I wrote a blog post when we launched this campaign, showing off some of the elements. If you're interested, you can find it at It is a great example of integrated marketing. A week or so ago Tim Brennan (Tufts Medical Center) and I presented this case study at the 2010 CBM conference in Orlando. It seemed to be well-received. And then Stephanie Guidetti (MetroWest Medical Center) and I did a webinar last week for the Nebraska Hospital Association presenting the campaign to its member institutions. So, we are obviously believers in this particular marketing effort. In all, the campaign won seven Healthcare Advertising Awards.

Here's one of the pieces from the winning campaign:

We were also excited to learn that we won awards for our work with University Health Systems of Eastern Carolina and Lexington Medical Center. In all, clicking on that link was a good way to start my day! Oh yeah, and next week the winners of the Aster Awards will be announced. The cycle will repeat itself once again.

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