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I recently sent Dan a link to our Healthcare Newsletter with a spotlight on Latino Healthcare concerns. He invited me to join this blog community and to share some of our ideas about Latino Healthcare issues.

So I'd like to open a thread focusing on Latino Healthcare issues. As a language translation company specializing in Spanish language publications since 1988, one of our primary target audiences are healthcare professionals and administrators – your audience as well.

I'd suggest taking a few minutes to review the newsletter's content here as an overview and then let's open up the discussion for your concerns – the issues you are challenged with day-to-day in trying to reach your client's Latino communities:
Designing for English and Spanish print and web production, using the appropriate Spanish for your target audience, providing voice-over for videos and PowerPoint presentations, supporting bilingual communication needs on-site and educating your clients on all of these topics.

I'd also like to invite your submissions for future newsletters with your experiences in solving communication challenges in marketing and serving this fast growing Latino community ( see: ).

Thanks again for the invitation Dan.

Stan Cheren
Rancho Park Publishing
Translations for Publications ... since 1988
919 942-9493 voice - 919 942-9396 fax

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