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Mirror Image Ad Campaign launches Heart Institute

Last week in HealthLeaders Media Marketing Weekly (eZine), an article by Kandace Doyle featured an ad campaign that will be used to roll out the new East Carolina Heart Institute (ECHI) at Pitt County Memorial Hospital (Greenville, North Carolina). The "mirror image" campaign, graphically depicts the vision of the Heart Institute's creators - a vision to provide leading edge cardiovascular care in a patient- and family-focused setting. The ads, as you can see in the images provided here, connect the high tech world of academic medicine with the high touch world of patient care. The copy in the print ads also balances the messaging between world-class medicine and patient-focused care.

I've always favored healthcare advertising that features the patient, rather than the institution. Sure, talk about your hospital, but then communicate the promise of your brand by telling the readers why your organization is meaningful to them. In the end, it is always about the patient and how you can improve his or her life. It is also about the patient's family and how you've worked to integrate them into the care team and to facilitate their role in their loved one's recovery/treatment. When I've done focus groups with female patients, they are often more concerned about their family then they are about themselves. That being said, if you take care of the family, you relieve stress from your patient and help with her recovery. Even top academic medical centers are recognizing that patient-centric healthcare is where we need to be today.

There is great consistency in the various elements of the new mirrors campaign for ECHI. Whether it is airport advertising, print ads, or the website, all of the elements work together to bring equity to the East Carolina Heart Center. When dollars are limited, and they are always limited, being able to leverage the power of a consistent graphic look across a campaign is invaluable. It also makes things easier for the consumer - giving them visual cues and making the advertising more recognizable.

Ultimately, the East Carolina Heart Center is about providing the best cardiovascular care possible for the people of North Carolina and beyond; and that's the message of the mirror image campaign. What do you want from healthcare? What I want is incredible care that gets me back on my feet, doing the things I love to do. That is the deliverable: the patient back at home or at work, living her life to its fullest. And that is a compelling story to tell through the advertising.

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