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medical mobile website designYou have just created your medical website, and are waiting for the traffic statistics. The next day, all you see people accessing a website from a smartphone, reading intently. Your website traffic stays at the same level. Smartphones are being bought faster than junk food, and visitors accessing mobile version of websites is unexpectedly high. The content on the two versions may be similar, but is slightly modified for the smartphones.

The digital audience has its own preferences. And despite increase in the smartphone use, it is difficult for physicians to believe smartphones may be more popular. They run busy dental practice, and they use their desktop computers for only 15 minutes per day. Mobile website for physicians may not be much different from the desktop version. Mobile websites take forever to load. The websites may not fit according to the screen width, and the smartphone functions are not as reliable as they should be. The first requirement of a mobile website is simplicity.

The navigation in mobile websites should be simpler, the pages load quickly with low bandwidth. The mobile website is designed especially to fit the width of the screen of the handset. The website may open in different handsets, for different screen sizes. If there is long paragraph of text written, nobody wants to read it on mobile screen. Viewing large photos is also difficult on the mobile screen.

The web designers prefer shorter, and simpler pages on mobile medical websites. Iphone, Blackberry, and Android phones have larger screens among mobile phones, still they are very small compared to desktops, and laptops. Accessing Internet on mobile slows down the web. The small file size of style sheets, page files, image files helps in faster loading of mobile websites, and helps website access with low bandwidth availability.

The site navigation should also be kept to a minimum. The number of core pages of mobile websites anyway is required to be low.  Medical websites anyway don’t require too many pages.

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