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Most Effective Dental Practice Marketing Ways

In today’s competitive landscape and the unique state of the economy growing your dental practice is not as easy as it might have been a decade ago. Marketing a dental practice is now a task that is no longer optional. There are several ways that dentists and practice owners can do marketing to generate more new patients:

1. External marketing for dentists: Print publications, community outreach, etc.

2. Internal marketing for dentists: Posters of new/additional services in the practice, eNewsletter campaigns to current patients, etc.

3. Online marketing for dentists: Branded websites, search engine optimization, online reputation management, social media management, etc.

Each of the above marketing strategies and tactics take investment so it is very important to track each one to better understand which is creating a higher marketing ROI for your dental practice (then you would know which you should put more focus and investment on).

Also it is very important to have trained and skilled staff answering the phones. You don’t want all your dental marketing activities to be denied by an unprepared staff who may pick up the phone and not manage the prospect patient in the best possible manner.

For more tips and information on marketing your dental practice, visit the Practice Builders Blog as well as

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