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Our On-Demand World and Healthcare Marketing

Broadcasters know exactly what you are recording and exactly when you watch a show on your DVR (digital video recorder). Besides any privacy queasiness, why should you care?

Two reasons: 1) You need an accurate count of how many people actually see your TV spots -- and 2) More importantly, you need to capitalize on the new on-demand consumer.

Here is a great example: American Idol and The Voice have been reported to be the most popular shows on TV, but that is not really true: Modern Family and NCIS actually are. Even though more people are actually in front of their TV sets at the time American Idol and The Voice are broadcasted, more people are eventually watching Modern Family and NCIS on their DVR whenever they choose.

Consumers have voted, and they want to watch when they want. In fact, everything now is on-demand, or would at least benefit from being "on-demand." The truth is that today's patient wants what they want, when the want it.Some random thoughts about how this new on-demand world affects us in healthcare marketing:

  • What information should we provide so that consumers can interact with us on their schedule? How about online risk assessments for starters? Or interactive health information like an A.D.A.M reference library so consumers can get the info they want, when they want it?
  • How can we meet our patients online in real time to provide the information they are seeking?
  • When buying broadcast media, determine the hours that consumers are most likely to be present.
  • When producing broadcast media, keep a logo constantly visible and edit without quick cuts to help your brand recall even when being forwarded at 3X speed.

How do you think healthcare marketers can meet the needs or our on-demand society? I'd love to hear your thoughts.  

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