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Protect Your Physical Therapy Practice Against Competition and Increase Your Revenue

Today, physical therapists face challenges as never before. Whether it is competition for referrals or a struggle against declining reimbursements, more and more physical therapists have come to understand that effective physical therapy marketing strategies can help them do what even the best care cannot.

Physical therapy is one of Practice Builders’ leading areas of expertise. Over the years, physical therapists across the country have come to rely on our expertise to help them grow and protect what they have worked so hard to achieve.

Today, the nation is aging, but many Americans are remaining active far beyond the days when their parents were slowing down. For healthcare specialties such as physical therapy, these active older people represent the best opportunity yet to grow.

Seizing these opportunities for physical therapist marketing in an ethical, tasteful and effective way is a cornerstone of the education at your 2-day Strategic Growth and Physical Therapy Marketing Workshop.

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