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Operating a medical practice can be a money-spinning business, but when patients have lots to choose from, standing out among competitors can become a challenge. The success of your practice depends how well you bring new patients and keep the existing ones. Gone are those days where physicians could simply rely on word of mouth. Changes in demand for physician services have made a positive impact on the healthcare industry. But, why is it then physicians still rely on old, traditional form of advertising? Here’s a quick look at some of the contemporary and ethical marketing strategies.

1. People look forward to internet for finding information, more than ever. Each day, millions of internet users type several keywords in Google, Yahoo and Bing. An attractive website, topped with Search Engine Optimization can rake in higher volume of traffic to your website. Additionally, your website will become much more visible. Your website should convey the right message and convinces patients that you are the right doctor for their needs. Other useful information like services offered, breakthrough cases, accolades can set your website apart.

2. To position yourself as an expert in your medical practice and build trust in the minds of patients, just pen down the articles. With various free article submission sites at your service, you can publish your articles online and on the website. Since, people are internet savvy these days, this is the perfect medium to educate them and extend your patient base. Don’t forget to mention your name, office address, credentials, services and working hours in the articles.

3. Newsletters are a great way to promote your practice. Emails and e-newsletter have a tendency to generate high ROI. A nicely crafted newsletter sent once or twice a month is a great way to keep in touch with patients. Share your knowledge, expertise, experiences and latest developments at your practice. If you feel you are not good at this job, hire a professional.

4. This one sounds a bit tacky, but direct-mail marketing still works. You may be sending postcards to patients already, but what if you add an extra bit to it. Why not offer something that lures them in visiting again? If you are unsure of what to give, think of their needs. For example, a cardiologist might offer free heart checkup. You could tell them about the latest techniques you are using to improve your services.

5. Associate with different doctors to give your referrals. More often, a general doctor refers patients to a specialty doctor. Partner with a general practitioner in exchange of providing him free advertising. Moreover, you can also ask your patients to refer you to their friends and relatives.

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