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Social Media Policies from Over 80 Organizations

Does your organizations have social media policies in place? Most don't. So you're not alone.

Yesterday afternoon I was following some healthcare social media chatter on Twitter from the Mayo Clinic/Ragan Summit (MayoRagan '09) when I came across a Tweet referencing Chris Boudreaux's online database of more than 80 organizations' social media policies. Chris compiled this database while working on a book titled "Social Media Governance: Empowerment with Accountability." You can visit his site online and read a few of the chapters in development:

Meanwhile, Chris has this terrific social media policy database that anyone can tap into - and contribute to. It includes organizations such as the American Red Cross, BBC, Dow Jones, Harvard Law School, Mayo Clinic and Sentara (to throw in a couple of healthcare examples).

When I give talks on social media in healthcare, inevitably I learn that organizations do not yet have well articulated social media policies. I usually give Mayo Clinic's policies as a starting point. But Chris' database now gives any organization a number of options to review and borrow from as they attempt to develop their own policies. You can check out the policies database online at This is a wonderful resource.

Also check out Chris Boudreaux's blog at

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