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The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is a Good Thing

It seems that whenever something good springs up out of the ether, the naysayers and pundits do their best to put it down. This has certainly been the case with the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Click here and here for examples of the negativity. But let's forget about them for a moment and allow me tell you why I love the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge:

I didn't have to go to some formal function or gala to make a significant donation to ALS. I was able to have fun and share the experience with my friends on Facebook. The promotion allowed me to be engaged without it being drudgery. Because of the participatory nature of this promotion, people got excited. My friend and colleagues got excited. They wanted to participate. And, in the end, it has raised a ton of money and awareness for ALS! In the future, donors are going to look for ways to be more involved with the causes they support. Donor engagement is becoming a very big deal. If a foundation can find a way to get me involved and to allow me to have fun while supporting the cause, then that is a win.

Here's a link to an article in Forbes by Matthew Herper that takes on all of those people who think the Ice Bucket Challenge was silly or pointless: "Think The Ice Bucket Challenge Is Stupid? You're Wrong." Matthew addresses the criticism of the Ice Bucket Challenge, one point at a time. It is a well crafted article and well worth the read. Here's a link to another positive article in The Guardian.

More of What I Love About the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Below is a video of Kim Hollon, the CEO of Signature Healthcare in southeastern Massachusetts. (In the spirit of full disclosure, Signature is one of my clients.) Kim was nominated to take the Ice Bucket Challenge and agreed to allow any employees who made a donation to ALS dump ice water on his head. Kim's initiative raised more than $500 for ALS, and also delighted his staff. I estimate that more than 50 employees participated! They had tons of fun while raising money for a great cause. It doesn't get any better than that.

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