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The Missing Voice in Healthcare Marketing

I'm on vacation this week so my blogging will be at a minimum. However, I do have a few videos I'd like to post. A couple of weeks ago I was hiding out in the mountains of Virginia, all alone, working on my book. While I was up there, my staff asked if I would record a few short videos addressing points from the infographic we published a few months ago: What's Missing From Most Healthcare Marketing Programs? (See infographic below). So I sat out on the deck of my mountain retreat and recorded myself using my flip camera. You'll be able to hear the birds chirping in the background, and get a good view of the mountains over my shoulder. Please remember, this is me recording myself; so keep your expectations low. I also did the editing. Video #1 is about the role of the patient's voice in healthcare marketing (almost non-existent today!). Enjoy.

Here's the infographic that inspired the video. Clicking on the graphic will take you to the original version of the image and allow you to download a PDF or access embed code.

Jennings infographic ImportantElements 600x935Ÿ Whats missing from most healthcare marketing programs?

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